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WpEngine Review

(Last Updated On: April 18, 2017)

WpEngine Reveiw :


Is it right to call best in class managed WordPress web hosting?

There was a time; we had no choice, but to go with few brands for our web hosting requirements, though we were not happy with their service.

Because, back then we had only few options available to host our website.

But things changed over time, now; we have several options in web hosting services in the market. Thanks to competition and growth in web hosting service industry, now we have plenty of options to choose.

However still it’s been a very big question to all of us, how to choose best web hosting company and which is the best web hosting company is!

Unfortunately, there is no single right answer which can address this question, because each web hosting company poses few pros and cons.

So based on your web hosting requirements, we are trying to suggest web hosting providers which we felt suitable for your web hosting requirements.

Hopefully, with this review we can suggest best managed word press web hosting service for you.

With this review, we will try to help you out in finding right web hosting company to host your website using managed WordPress web hosting service provider if you are using WordPress software to create your websites.

WpEngine Review :- History of WpEngine and Interesting facts.

Due to huge growth in WordPress content management software in creating dynamic websites, people started looking for WordPress specific web hosting solutions, so that they can host website using WordPress managed web hosting company for WordPress optimised web hosting service for their blog or website.

That’s how WpEngine born, WPengine was founded in 2010 by Jason Cohen. Its HQ is in Austin, Texas.

As you may be aware WordPress was introduced in 2003, as an offshoot of a popular blogging application known as b2.

It was subsequently developed as a blogging platform. Preferably, it swept over its predecessor and become more famous than the others.

Today, WordPress evolved into a full-featured web content system.

Now, WordPress became one of the top CMS script to create various types of websites in addition to creating simple dynamic websites.

There is no surprise, currently WordPress powering more than 26% of the web, so there is a huge user base for WordPress software.

It’s very clear that web hosting for WordPress is on demand, by sensing this, WpEngine started offering web hosting for only WordPress, and it’s been huge success, the reason why the users are seeking for WpEngine WordPress managed web hosting is for its award-winning platform built on innovative technology.

There is no doubt that since WordPress is open-source software which allows users to develop unique themes, widgets and plug-in modules to build and customize own websites.

So if you can get support from web hosting provider for all these customization, then it would be even better.

That’s one of the reason most of the WordPress users were attracted towards WpEngine and prefer WPEngine over other web hosting software services for managed WordPress web hosting requirements.

WpEngine administrative tools are powerful and easy-to-use.

Lately, many large companies like Automattic, came forward to fund WP engine, as it has the advanced features to prove it to be the one of the best Managed WordPress web hosting company.

WpEngine Review :-  World-class managed WordPress web hosting company.

WpEngine is a WordPress-only hosting company. So if you have website in other platform then you can’t use WPEngine to host your website.

WpEngine aims at providing scalable, secure, and high-performance web hosting services that suit almost the entire client’s WordPress web hosting requirements starting from beginners to the expert developers or webmasters.

Since WpEngine web hosting services are only for the WordPress users, you get all the features related to WordPress security, scalability, load time, and uptime etc, all these premium features you get with WPEngine starting @ $29 per month.

Though price may be at its higher side for the newbie’s of the WordPress website, but WpEngine offers  amazing features along with its WordPress managed web hosting plans,  namely  one-click development staging environments, integration with Git, multiple server locations, CDN compatibility, and even much more powerful features equipped with an easy to use dashboard to manage your web hosting space.

You can easily set up your websites with the WP engine hosting, thanks to its intuitive dashboard, it’s powerful yet simpler and easy to use.

So even if you are new to WordPress you can easily manage your website using WpEngine.

WpEngine Review :- Key features of WpEngine web hosting company.

After seeing WpEngine’s huge success in managed WordPress web hosting service, several other web hosting companies also started rolling out WordPress managed web hosting services.

However, still WpEngine to be considered as the best choice for managed WordPress web hosting service.

Though, WpEngine primary focus is on the WordPress website hosting for WordPress users, its services aren’t cheap.

But, prices are justified and worth to give a try if you are looking for complete hosting solution for your WordPress website, because you get an excellent performance for your WordPress website along with great support.

WpEngine ensures that your website is safe from accidental data loss, WpEngine automatically backup your website and you can do backup on demand aswell.

You can keep your website data and account safe by retrieving the backup whenever necessary, while performing the tasks which may create problem with your WordPress site.

Here are few key features listed below, which make WpEngine stand out over the other managed WordPress web hosting services as,

  • WpEngine being credited for the fastest WordPress managed web hosting worldwide.

With WpEngine web hosting, you can be sure that your WordPress Site’s load time is halved and you also notice that your website uptime performance is increased, most of the time it may be at its best score i.e your website may clock 100% uptime as you would wish.

  • WpEngine is known for its customer care support, WpEngine offers reliable support to their customers, i.e., you can avail 24/7 technical support from the leading expert in managed WordPress web hosting service company.
  • Daily backups are supported out of box and also you can take backup whenever you wanted by using WpEngine dashboard admin section. It ensures that your website backup is automated, with redundant systems for all of your websites.
  • WpEngine takes website security seriously; in general WordPress got bad reputation for being targeted by hackers, so WpEngine ensures all required precautions are taken care to ensure firewall protection in place to protect your website from the threats.
  • Malware scanning also done proactively, to detect and eliminate the malware to safeguard your website.
  • Evercache – this feature uses the Proprietary caching technology for enhanced speed and scalability.
  • WpEngine Ensures the SSL certification installation on your WordPress website with a single click.
  • CDN-ready- WpEngine utilizes in-RAM caching and also supports external CDN to make sure that your website static content is delivered as fast as possible.
  • WpEngine provides insights on page speed and website performance, these reports are helpful in identifying and fixing issues related to website performance and speed.
  • WpEngine has amazing development tools for WordPress website deployment and management, with one-click staging area, single-click restore points and Git version control and so on.

With WpEngine, your WordPress deployments will become easy as pie.

WpEngine Review :-  Managed WordPress web hosting plans & pricing.

If we compare to other shared web hosting providers, WPEngine’s pricing is somewhat different, Usually WpEngine’s pricing is at little higher side over its competitors.

But, by keeping other factors in mind, easy to dashboard, inbuilt cache along with performance insights etc., prices may be well justified.

If you wanted to host several websites for you and your clients, then you can choose WpEngines Business web hosting plan, which gives right balance between price and performance.

One of the reasons to consider WpEngine to host your website is, WpEngine is trusted by governments and Fortune 500 companies globally, they have several big customers to name few AMD, National Geographic and Readers digest etc.

Let’s have a look at WpEngine web hosting plans in detail.

WP engine offers five best managed wordpress web hosting plans, namely Personal plan, Professional plan, Business plan, Premium plan and Enterprise Grade plan.

WpEngine Review :- Personal managed WordPress web hosting pan.

  • The Personal plan is the best, if you are looking for managed WordPress web hosting service to host a single website.

Personal plan starts @29 per month with the assurance of 60 days’ risk-free. It offers one website installation, 25K visits/Month, 10GB local Storage, Unlimited data transfer, Free SSL certificates.

  • If you run an agency or own other WordPress sites, then you need Professional web hosting plan.

WpEngine Review :- Professional managed WordPress web hosting plan.

Professional web hosting plan is suitable for customers who are already receiving steady traffic.

Professional plan starts @99 per month with the assurance of 60 days’ risk-free trail. You can install and host ten WordPress websites with 100K Visits/Month, 20GB local Storage, Unlimited data transfer and Free SSL certificates.

  • If you already own a business website and looking for extra features like GeoIP etc, then Business plan is best suitable for your business website web hosting needs.

WpEngine Review :- Business managed WordPress web hosting plan.

Business web hosting plan ensures, you enjoy latest technologies like GeoIP, at an affordable price.

This plan starts at $249/month with 60 days’ risk-free feature. You can host 25 WordPress websites with 400K Visits/Month, 30GB local storage, unlimited data transfer and Free SSL certificates.

If you require more than 25 websites, then you can have a discussion with customer support of WpEngine to have a custom pricing for your requirements.

If you want to have custom web hosting requirements then you can talk to WpEngine customer care representives, for enterprise requirements WpEngine offering two web hosting plans Premium and Enterprise web hosting plans.

WpEngine Review :- Premium and Enterprise managed web hosting plans.

Both Premium and Enterprise web hosting plans are targeted for the customers who are looking for web hosting plan which can handle traffic with more 1 million views per month.

All WpEngine plans include a free CDN to improve your website performance except in personal web hosting plan; you need to buy CDN separately with personal web hosting plan, which will cost you $19.95 per month.

While choosing WpEngine for your website hosting, you need to remember one thing, WpEngine is affordable web hosting company if your website is receiving traffic less than 25K per month, but  If you are already receiving huge traffic, then you may end up paying more for additional traffic.

WP engine counts the unique visits by considering one IP address in one 24-hour period, based on visits WpEngine charges you, so your web hosting service charges may go up if you receive more traffic.

One good thing with WpEngine web hosting plan is you get unlimited bandwidth with all plans.

You can access phpMyAdmin using web based dashboard, using which you can manage your account, but you won’t be having traditional control panel like cPanel etc. So for few it may be a problem to switch over from cPanel.

One more thing to remember is there’s no root or SSH access provided.

WpEngine Review : – Pros and cons of WpEngine web hosting service.

If you are looking for striking speed, with commanding security and best-in-class customer support, then WPengine is right choice for your web hosting needs, WpEngine offers 60 days money back guarantee in case if you didn’t like their web hosting services or WpEngine didn’t deliver the services what they promise.

Let’s go through pros of WpEngine web hosting services

WpEngine Review: Pros of WpEngine web hosting service.

Below mentioned are the lists of pros of WPengine web-hosting services,

  • Premium Managed WordPress Hosting- It offers the fast and reliable web hosting services.
  • Since WpEngine owns data enters at different locations, you can choose the web hosting service from the data enter near to you and your customers, this ensures faster website with less load time.
  • WP Engine’s uptime is backed by SLA, so you can avail the cash back offer when web hosting services are not up to the mark.
  • You get daily data backup and restore for free in all web hosting plans.
  • Are you stuck with any issue with your hosting? Don’t worry, WpEngine offers expert WordPress Support with right solution for your problem and they try to address all of your queries related to web hosting.
  • WpEngine web hosting services use the advanced EverCache Technology to enable Faster Page Loading, EverCache also improves scalability.
  • You no need to worry about your website WordPress updates, WpEngine’s auto update mechanism guarantees all WordPress updates are automatically applied.
  • You may be aware, how problematic if your website hacked by hackers, WpEngine fixes the hacked Sites and restored it at zero additional charge.
  • You will get several extra features related to security and performance with WpEngine web hosting plans, they offer features like VaultPress, Blog Vault Plus and MaxCDN (For professional and above plans) as an add-ons along with standard web hosting services.
  • WordPress deployments are time consuming and error prone, WpEngine uses separate Staging environment to testing Plug-in and themes before deploying to production server.

With staging environment you can also test various features, find bugs, and reinstall your site without impacting your current site operation.

  • With flexible WpEngine monthly tiers you no need to signup long-term Commitments, you can opt for monthly tier if you are tight on budget.
  • All WpEngine’s web hosting plans allow you to sync your uploaded files with an Amazon S3 bucket to enjoy unlimited storage of your website by using feature called LargeFS.
  • With all WpEngine web hosting plans, you are entitled for free SSL certificate.
  • WP Engine supports instant backup, along with 1-click restore with easy snapshot backup and restore functionality.

WpEngine Review :- Cons of the WPengine web hosting service.

Though, WPengine has several amazing features, it is not right web hosting service for everyone. In short, WpEngine web hosting plans have their own cons as follows,

  • Though, overall WpEngine tend to be cost-effective, price of the WPengine web hosting plans are more expensive comparatively other web hosting company web hosting plans.
  • WpEngine offers only managed  WordPress web hosting services, so it is not suitable to host a website which is developed using non WordPress Platform.
  • Not all plugins and themes support staging sites feature.
  •  You may end up paying more if you receive more traffic and utilize more storage.
  • WpEngine’s money back guarantee is not applicable to the customers who opted for Premium and Enterprise Grade web hosting plans.
  •  WpEngin’e dashboard may be confusing and bit difficult for non-experienced users, since WpEngine uses custom backend instead of Industry standard c-panel.
  • You can’t install unlimited WordPress sites on any of the WpEngine web hosting plans, even storage also limited.
  • Apart from limited storage, you will get limited email server, so if you have huge customer base and your business hugely dependent on emails, then you may face issue with WpEngine email server policies.

WpEngine Review :- Summary and conclusion.

Though WpEngine has few notable cons, it’s one of the best managed WordPress web hosting solution, if you own a WordPress website.

WpEngine is great for scalability, speed and reliability and many other important features for high performance website as we discussed earlier in the pros of the WP engine, including the EverCache, staging sites, to GeoIP and one-click SSL installs.

One of the great feature of WpEngine is, they take customer support very seriously, they have more than 125 full-time WordPress support experts working round the clock to support the customers who is looking for solutions for their web hosting related queries or issues.

Apart from high performance, security is major issue with any WordPress web hosting; WordPress security is often concern for most of the WordPress users because WordPress very often targeted by hackers.

But WpEngine ensures your WordPress website is secure for any kind service, WpEngine provides all required security measures on its hosted WordPress websites by frequently scanning the site and effectively removing all  threats. The technical team of WpEngine proactively monitors all hosted WordPress websites fix the errors related to security without any further delay.

In one of the cons, we stated that the hosting plans are more expensive.

But, the one of the reason for WpEngine’s web hosting plans are expensive because it invests good amount of money to ensure we get hack-free websites, with unlimited bandwidth for our website visitors.

The other attractive features that make them stand out than the other hosting providers are that you can keep the focus on the development of you website content, instead of site maintenance and WordPress updates.

This ensures that you always be on top of your business goals instead of worrying website maintenance, you can leave website maintenance to WpEngine, they ensure that your website is always updated and ready to perform as you need.

WpEngine Review :- Closing thoughts on WpEngine web hosting.

As we discussed earlier, maybe the WpEngine web hosting plans are not a perfect solution for everyone, because it does support only to the WordPress websites.

But, without any hesitation we can WpEngine is one of the best managed hosting providers for WordPress sites.

If you look at WpEngine’s quality of web hosting, it offers you outstanding web hosting service, which can handle WordPress blogs more effectively without any major issues.

However, if we consider WpEngine web hosting plans, the pricing of the hosting is more expensive than the web hosting providers, but you get feature which are helpful in managing your WordPress website effectively.

It make sense to choose WPengine web hosting plans if you own business  websites or blogs  based on WordPress with approximately 25k visits per month or below.

In general WPengine web hosting plans are well suited for the low traffic WordPress sites or blogs, if you have website with huge traffic, then use cloudFlare or any other CDN service to avoid significant additional bandwidth charges.

So, WpEngine is expensive, but great choice if you are looking for a managed WordPress web hosting provider  to host your WordPress website.

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