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SiteGround Review

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2017)[review]

SiteGround Review: –

 SiteGround Review


Due to high competition, in web hosting services industry, every web hosting provider is ambitious to perform better in web hosting business by providing attractive features and services.

So, now most of the web hosting providers are trying hard to provide best in class web hosting services to their customer.

But since web hosting services are complex in nature, not all web hosting providers can give consistent performance with their web hosting service.

However, there is one company which is consistence with its web hosting services from its inspection.

We can’t ignore the consistency of SiteGround web hosting company in the sphere of web hosting services.

It’s very quite natural that, we always look into customer reviews before opting for any web hosting services.

By looking at online reviews, SiteGround is one of the best and highly rated web hosting providers recommended by most of the customers.

And  best part is SiteGround always enjoyed several positive reviews from its customers. So, this definitely shows that how consistent SiteGround in offering value to its customers.

To know more details about the SiteGround web hosting services, let us dig more and more and find out all attractive features and other interesting facts about the SiteGround web hosting company.

Let’s go through all the features and offers from SiteGround to understand why SiteGround is stand out from the others, will have a look at its plans and pricing, the pros and cons of the same.

History of SiteGround.

SiteGround is established by the University students in 2004.

With the time, SiteGround becomes more popular and emerged as one of the leading web hosting company later on, as it is the one of the fastest, most reliable and secure web hosting providers across the globe.

SiteGround has its headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria and has 5 data centers located in various countries including the United States, the Netherlands, UK, Milan, and Singapore.

With a striking growth in the recent times, SiteGround owns more than 400 employees who are working around the clock to deliver best web hosting servicdes.

SiteGround boasts the pride of serving nearly more than 500,000 customers around the globe.

Currently, SiteGround providing various web hosting services including shared web hosting, VPS, managed WordPresss, cloud web hosting and dedicated web hosting service.

One of the notable advantage with SiteGround is their customer care team, definitely SiteGround has top notch customer care team and quality support made SiteGround stand out in the race of web hosting services.

Customer care team from SiteGround is  responsive and efficient and they can manages to handle over 1800 tickets, 1000 phone calls and 2500 chat requests every day.


Why to choose SiteGround- Key features.

With out any hesitation we can say,  SiteGround is one of the premium web hosting company that is serving its customers over a decade.

SiteGround always extending its scope of the web hosting plans and services so that customers can find all kind of web hosting services. By providing excellent Managed WordPress web hosting and cloud hosting services SiteGround is up to date in the web hosting market.

SiteGround has very close association with the WordPress and Joomla community and it’s also very active in these communities

There is no surprise that most of the WordPress and Joomla community suggest SiteGround as their best web hosting provider.

We used several web hosting services in past, but SiteGround always amazes through its latest offerings and high performance web hosting services to different kind of websites irrespective of the size of the website or technology.

One of the reason SiteGround emerged as the best hosting provider is, SiteGround put lot of emphasis on the features which ensure reliability, performance and customer satisfaction.


Let’s go through few features make SiteGround interesting of the choice of web hosting provider. Few key features are listed here,

  • The faster website load time: Faster and responsive website is a dream for all website owners irrespective if they are business owners or personal blog owners.

SiteGround accomplish faster load time by using SSD storage instead of traditional disks in all web hosting plans, since speed is one of the important SEO factor you get more traffic if your website has faster load time.

  • Enhanced Performance: With SiteGround, you observe increased performance; SiteGround web hosting services are built on advanced technologies, especially NGINX, SSD, Memcached, PHP 7, HTTP/2, OPcache to increase the speed and performance of your websites.


  • Security: No doubt Security is one of the major concern for most of the website owners and customers, but with right web hosting provider you can make sure your website is safe from virus attacks and Malware.

SiteZGround ensures its web hosting services are safe by providing free security and malware scan, apart from security scans SiteGround also provides a free SSL certificate to ensure your website information is encrypted.

  • Auto-updates: If you already own a website built on any CMS, you know that you need to frequently update CMS software to receive latest bug fixes and security features.

Though, plug-ins or theme updates are important things to do regularly to keep your website safe and up to date.

But manual updates are time consuming and error prone.

Since SiteGround aware about this issue, they provide free automatic updates of any CMS including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla etc.

  • Firewall security scripts: To fix zero-day vulnerabilities, every year, SiteGround writes its own script with latest firewall security rules (over 800 WAF rules).
  • Most reliable and stable platform: LXC technology from SiteGround takes care of the web hosting accounts reliability by monitoring automatically and reporting if there are any issues, and daily backups ensure to restore your work whenever needed.

Daily Backups are important feature to restore the website when you deleted or modified mistakenly, in turn it’s a useful handy tool.

  • Customer support: We are very much delighted with their customer service support. Customer support is one of the important and needed features in comparison with other features and plays a vital role in choosing web hosting provider.

SiteGround has pride over its knowledgeable, dedicated and responsive customer support with 24×7 availability and instant response on support tickets. It aims at taking care of the issues by providing services seamlessly.

  • Managed WordPress web hosting plans: SiteGround offers 1-click installation of apps and free domain transfer.

You can choose automatic updates of WordPress in managed WordPress web hosting services; you will also get WP-CLI pre-installed so you can manage your WordPress website from command line.

You can avail the supercacher feature on the start-up web hosting plan whereas WP staging and Git integration features on other web hosting plans including GoGeek, cloud and dedicated plans.

SiteGround Review:  Web Hosting Plans and Pricing.

Always try to get the web hosting services from the company who is trying to offer high service to its customers.

SiteGround, definitely one of such web hosting provider, who offers attractive website hosting plans at a reasonable cost with all necessary features that you love to have.

With SiteGround you get variety of web hosting plans, you can choose the one, that best suits your website requirement.

Let’s us go through all web hosting plans and services offered by SiteGround.

Let’s start with shared web hosting plans from SiteGround.

SiteGround offers three shared web hosting plans called StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek plans, we will go over each plan in detail.

SiteGround Review: – StartUp Shared Web Hosting Plan

With Startup plan SiteGround offers you all the essential features for hosting your new website or the existing websites or blogs with average site.

As its name indicates, StartUp shared web hosting plan is the one of the most popular web hosting plan from SiteGround, it’s specially targeted for the Start-up clients, who is looking for high performance website but at reasonable cost.

You can get StartUp plan for as low as $3.95/month (Regular Price $9.95/Mo).

If you just started your website, or if your website is business website with less than 10,000 unique visitors, then StartUp plan is suitable for you.

Since, SiteGround offers SSD storage instead of usual hard disk storage, they are not offering unlimited storage, instead you will get 10GB storage along with StartUp plan, which should be good enough for any business or personal website.

With StartUp plan you can host one domain, so StartUp plan is not usefull if you have multiple domains.

If you have multiple websites, then you can host them using GrowBig shared web hosting plan, let’s have a look.

SiteGround Review: – GrowBig Shared Web Hosting Plan

GrowBig Shared hosting plan offers more resources and premium features along with the essential features which are useful for the clients to grow their online business effectively.

GrowBig web hosting plan cost you $5.95 /month (Regular price $14.95/Month).

You can avail this GrowBig web hosting plan when you own multiple websites and already receiving traffic for your websites.

GrowBig handles all your websites with one single account, so this plan is loved by most of the clients because they can manage all website at one place.

With GrowBig web hosting plan, you will get 20GB web storage and this plan is best suitable for websites which receive traffic less than 25,000 visits per month.

Apart from essential features, you will get premium features aswell, Siteground ensures you get premium support with this plan.

To improve website speed SiteGround is offering supoerCacher along with GrowBig web hosting plan.

You also entitled for 30 free backups per month along with one free SSL certificate for one year.

So GrowBig web hosting plan is suitable for more advanced users or a business owner who is looking for increased performance along with security and priority support.

SiteGround Review: – GoGeek Web Hosting Plan

GoGeek hosting plan, as the name indicates, it’s designed for the web geeks who own the websites that are resource-rich and receive high traffic.

With GoGeek web hosting plan you can host multiple websites, and you will get 30GB storage and its suitable for websites which receive 1,00,000 visits monthly.

With this web hosting plan, you will get all essential and premium features along Geeky features.

GoGeek users enjoy high performance web hosting which is shared by less people, SiteGround ensures that GoGeek servers have less accounts to ensure maximum performance.

If you own an e-commerce website then GoGeek web hosting plan provides free PCI compliance server.

Apart from performance, GoGeek web hosting plan offers WordPress and Joomla staging environments so that your website deployment is stream lined.

GoGeek also offers one-click Git repo creation to ensure your code base is version controlled.

This plan price cost you $11.95 /month (Regular price $29.95/Month).

Apart from Shared web hosting plans, SiteGround also offers WordPress and Joomla optimised shared web hosting services; let’s have a look at them.

SiteGround Review: – WordPress managed shared web hosting plans.

SiteGround’s WordPress managed shared web hosting plans are same as shared web hosting plans, but you will get WordPress specific features for free of cost with these plans.

With all WordPress managed shared web hosting plans, you will get One Click WordPress installation, auto updates along with WP-CLI installation.

With GrowBig and GoGeek WordPress managed shared plans, you will get SuperCache instance along with WordPRess staging environment with Git Pre-installed for easy software maintenance.

One of the reasons to choose WordPress managed web hosting plans because, SiteGround providers technical support on even script issues along with web hosting issues.

With SSD storage along with inbuilt SuperCache caching tool paired with Nginx web server provides ultimate performance for your wordPress.

On top of SuperCache you can also use CDN (Content Deliver Network) to improve the performance further.

Since, SiteGround is active participant in WordPress community; they will have the first hand information on WordPress vulnerabilities, SiteGround continuously monitors its web hosting space for virus and malware and pro-actively protect customers from Virus and malware related to WordPress.

SiteGround Review: – PROS of SiteGround web hosting services.

SiteGround, being the top-rated hosting company holds the pride of attracting more customers and receive positive reviews for its awesome web hosting services.

Being one of the high performance web hosting providers, it has more pros in its own way and we would like to list you the best ones, in a row as follows,

Foremost of all, as already mentioned earlier SiteGround has a very good customer support service, that nobody can deny and its response time on the queries are amazing and appreciable.

  • Easy and quick website setup:

SiteGround assists you to setup the websites easily. It helps you set up your websites in a few clicks like a pro and you can request support on any WordPress plugin or theme installations.

  • Simple website creation:

If you are new to create a website; seeking to build a website like a pro without spending money on the same to the web developers to setup, then you can use one click installation feature to create your website simple and quick steps.

  • Free and effective Migration:

SiteGround provides free website migration service; it’s easy to migrate your websites from the other web hosting provider, seamlessly at no charge.

  • Guaranteed Uptime:

 Likewise, the other web hosting providers, SiteGround gives 99.99 uptime guaranteed, but the fact is that they really work hard to keep up their promise.

SiteGround uses built-in custom server monitoring software to sort out the issues even before customers even notice it. In short, SiteGround tries to stand on uptime guarantee and implemented all necessary tools to take care about it.

  • 30-day money back guarantee:

Once your account is setup with SiteGround web hosting services, you can avail all its features including the money back guaranteed.

When you feel, if SiteGround’s services don’t meet your requirements or they are not up to the mark, then you can get back your money with 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Protection services:

Your websites will get the credits including free security add-on services to stay away from the threats and malware. It ensures the site protection effectively on all the plans.

  • Easy yet powerful e-commerce installation:

With the help of 1-click installs of the software namely, PrestaShop, CSCart, and the Magento, you can build powerful e-commerce stores online.

  • Integrated cPanel Control Panel:

Among all other features, cPanel is the most powerful tool preferable by the users for the easy management of your hosting account.

As it comes with the all web hosting plans, you can easily access cPanel without login separately to main client’s websites.

This Integrated cPanel avails the features of the development tools including the WordPress, Zoomla and even more.

  • Handle more traffic:

SiteGround’s web hosting plans are built to sustain huge traffic spikes, within build cache tools and nginx server your web hosting space can handle more traffic than you would expect.

SiteGround Review: – CONS of SiteGround web hosting services.

Even though, SiteGround web hosting plans have several advantages, SiteGround also lags in few areas which can be improved.

We hope to SiteGround soon rectify these issues so that they can serve customers even better.

  • Only Linux hosting:

SiteGround offers only Linux based web hosting services, which mean if you have any application which require Windows web hosting, then you can’t use any of the web hosting services from SiteGround.

  • Monthly Setup fee:

I suggest you not to opt for the monthly payment for the selected hosting plan. This is because, SiteGround allows you to pay the fees monthly but you will be charged some extra charges for setting up the websites per month.

  • No Premium support for entry plan.

If you choose Start-up web hosting plan, then you are not entitled to receive Premium support, but still you can get support on all the issues, but you can expect some delay in support because it’s not premium support.

  •  No Supercache for the start-up plan: 

But still you can enjoy the faster hosting with all the essential features.

  • Limited Storage:

All the web hosting plans from SiteGround do not offer the unlimited storage and bandwidth. In short, the storage and bandwidth are limited, but are plenty enough for usual business or personal website.

SiteGround Review: – Summary and conclusion

According to us and several customers around the globe, SiteGround is one of the top-rated, high performance web hosting company in web hosting market that gives its best to compete in the race of web hosting services.

In short, SiteGround’s web hosting services are quite powerful and robust and well suitable for the customers who is looking for high performance web hosting to make their effective web presence.

We would love to say that the Site Ground offers support for everything you need to keep up your site performance high.

If you are a beginner and you do have an option to choose best web hosting provider for your website, then you can give a try to SiteGround  web hosting services , which will amaze you without any doubt.

As you start using their services, you will realize several features from SiteGround like staging environments and git integration etc will help in saving your time and keep your site safe.

In short, if you need a simple but effective web hosting provider then SiteGround is the one of the best choice among all.

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]
  • Easy and Quick setup.
  • Guaranteed 99.99 Uptime.
  • SSD storage and SuperCache for powerful and faster website.
  • 30-day Money back guarantee.
  • Git, WP-CLI and staging environments for better code management
  • Awesome customer care service.
[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]
  • Costly.
  • Only Linux hosting, so can’t host windows specific websites.
  • Limited storage.

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