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InMotion Hosting Review

(Last Updated On: May 9, 2017)[review]

InMotion Hosting Review: –


 A well-established independent web hosting company in industry.

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The InMotion hosting company is U.S. based company operating since 2001. It, then, gradually but steadily become one among the largest independent web hosting company across the world.

The company has its headquarters located in Virginia and California.

InMotion hosting aims at providing web hosting solutions for business web hosting requirements; InMotion hosting is famous for its shared business web hosting services.

Who is InMotion Hosting?

InMotion hosting is one among the best web hosting solutions for your business website that demands secure and authentic experience.

InMotion hosting, being a reputed and well- established company in U.S. serves customer base of over 300,000 domains.

It managed to get the best brand around the world being an independent web hosting provider without becoming one of Endurance International web hosting provider like well-known hosting companies like HostGator, Bluehost, iPage, and ehost.

The main goal of this company is to satisfy the customer web hosting needs through its wide range of web hosting solutions, including business class web hosting, VPS web hosting, personal web hosting and dedicated web hosting servers.

Let’s go through interesting facts about this web hosting service provider that made it stand out than others in web hosting business.

Let’s get started.

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InMotion Hosting Review: – Why InMotion hosting?  Key features.

InMotion Review features

Are you considering using InMotion hosting web hosting services to host your websites? If yes, then we would like to list out the key features that make you clear with all ideas to move forward.

Foremost of all, all web hosting plans from InMotion hosting offer robust features that are meant for business website with varying sizes.

InMotion hosting web hosting services are equally useful for the websites that may be small or the big with high trafficked and needs unmetered bandwidth.

With InMotion hosting web hosting plans, you launch the responsive e-commerce store in just a few clicks. As we already stated, it is the best hosting provider for all of your business needs.

Whatever is the site, either business website or e-commerce store, InMotion hosting provides attractive unlimited features, business optimized servers, a choice of selecting website builders, extended blogging platforms to pick from, and also the seamless e-commerce plugins in almost all plans.

Its content management system helps you in creating an e-commerce website in a more convenient way.

  • With all shared web hosting plans, you get free .com domain name.
  • There is no Limits on Disk Space or Data Transfer, you will get unlimited web hosting space and bandwidth on all shared web hosting plans.
  • InMotion hosting offers free data backups and SSD storage, most of the web hosting providers charge extra for backup and SSD storage.
  • You will get the free Domain Name & Instant Website Setup effortlessly.
  • With InMotion hosting premium website builder, you can create your website in minutes even if you are not a technical expert, you no need to know any programming languages to create website with InMotion hosting website builder.
  • With InMotion hosting 90 Day money back guarantee, you can ask for refund if you are not satisfied with their web hosting services.
  • Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime and continuous monitoring is appreciable.
  • You can make use of google checkout in basic plans and ZenCart, CubeCart or osCommerce shopping carts in higher-tired plans.
  • You can monitor your website and get reports of your site’s traffic with Awstats.
  • InMotion hosting customer service is readily available 24×7 whenever your site may encounter technical issue.
  • The availability of MySQL database is limited to 2 per account for the basic shared web hosting plan, but you can get more MySQL databases when you opt for other pro-level packages.
  • You can avail the facility of FTP accounts in accordance with the plans ranging from the basic to the pro-level.
  • You can host multiple domains or websites using all web hosting plans from InMotion hosting.
  • InMotion hosting enables the 1-Click WordPress installation and provides support on all wordpress related issues as well.

InMotion hosting Review: – Web hosting plans and features.


In comparison with the other hosting companies, it is the only independent hosting company that focuses on the wide range of hosting services with almost all the robust features that satisfy the small and large businesses efficiently.

InMotion hosting helps you providing the web hosting solutions to your sites through its Different web hosting plans, including Shared web hosting plans, VPS web hosting plans, dedicated web hosting plans, WordPress web hosting plans.

InMotion hosting shared web hosting plans provide efficient web hosting service for your static websites and database-driven content management systems, and other custom applications.

Shared web hosting plan is for all the skilled beginners, small and expert business webmasters. In short, it is for the clients who are looking to host their business website.

InMotion hosting offers three Linux-based shared web hosting plans named as Launch plan starting at $5.99 per month, Power plan for small business clients for $7.99/month and Pro plan for the expert business web developers for $13.99/month.

  • All shared web hosting plans from InMotion hosting is offer SSH(remote access) so that you can work faster using command line tools, and all plans include software that are necessarily to host websites in PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ruby, Perl, and Python etc languages.
  • InMotion hosting offers free website builder tool in all shared web hosting plans to quickly build websites with its free drag and drop functionality, it makes your website creation even simpler.
  • You will avail the FREE No-Downtime and hassle free Website Transfer with all shared hosting plans.

The features that are offers in shared web hosting other than the above mentioned are listed below,

  • Free SSD drives with all the shared web hosting plans.
  • It boasts the pride of true web hosting industry leader; hence InMotion hosting offers the 90-day full money back guarantee.
  • You can get data backup whenever needed absolutely with no extra charge.
  • 1-click installer supports the installation of over 400 Applications.
  • Access your email from any devices- Secure IMAP Email.
  • The data centers at multiple locations, advanced technologies, and bandwidth providers ensure great speed and high performance than any other web hosting services in the market.
  • Integrating of Google apps is easier and simpler.
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InMotion Hosting Review: –  WordPress  web hosting plans.

If you are looking for WordPress web hosting plans or services, then InMotion hosting provides you separate WordPress web hosting packages featured with the interesting features such as

  • With inbuilt caching technology from InMotion hosting, you will get speed optimized WordPress web hosting plan.
  • Unlimited websites, disk space, and monthly data transfers for free.
  • You will have access to SSH, Git, FTP, and PhpMyAdmin.
  • Get Free SSDs drives with all WordPress web hosting plans.
  • InMotion hosting assures premium security by 24/7 server monitoring.
  • Get automatic daily backups absolutely for free.
  • You can design the beautiful websites with free themes, you no need to worry about the setup, because InMotion hosting made theme installation setup is easy.

InMotion Hosting Review: – VPS web hosting plans

InMotion hosting VPS web hosting plans are powered by the Cloud. With cloud based VPS web hosting services, you will get benefit of high uptime and simple management of the web hosting services.

These VPS web hosting plans help you in building cloud infrastructure for your website so that management of your servers will become easy for you.

With Cloud based VPS web hosting services, InMotion hosting offer high availability with  real-time redundancy, free cPanel license, CentOS, and LAMP stack, live-snapshots of website, so that you can revert back your server to previous snapshot without any issue.

The other interesting features that come with these VPS web hosting plans are

  • Resource Monitoring Dashboard to analyse resource usage of your website.
  • InMotion hosting offers you to host Unlimited Domains and Websites with all the plans.
  • Also, avail Unlimited Email Accounts and Unlimited MySQL Databases.
  • Free Solid-State Drives with all web hosting plans.
  • Protect your website with Custom Advanced Firewall and access to SSH.
  • Get your e-commerce website Optimized for free.
  • If you want Root access to install or customise then you can get Root Access for your VPS.
  • 90-day money back guarantee.
  • You can choose different data centres to maximize the speed of your site based on your customers location.

InMotion Hosting Review: – Dedicated web hosting plans.


InMotion Hosting dedicated web hosting plans are the Linux-based dedicated servers that undoubtedly satisfy the enterprises requirements.

With the free SSD drivers, it proves to be the best hosting plans with the primary features including the scalability, reliability, and flexibility.

This hosting plan is designed to provide you the additional features along with features of the others hosting plans as, Guaranteed uptime 99.999%, 1-to-1 Sysadmin Time, Kernelcare, CentOS experts, Tier 1 Network and Multinetwork defence.

It uses both the cPanel and WHM for free with all the dedicated services.

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InMotion Hosting Review: – PROS and CONS of InMotion Hosting.

No web hosting provider is perfect; however, all web hosting providers try to offers services better in one way than other web hosting providers.

Let’s look into the PROS of InMotion hosting web hosting services, which may help you in considering InMotion hosting web hosting services for your websites and blogs.

InMotion Hosting Review: – Pros of InMotion hosting web hosting services.

You can choose any web hosting plan, which satisfy your web hosting requirement including, your goals, budget, experience & expertise.

By considering all these views of customers in the mind, we hereby list out the pros (advantages) of InMotion hosting web hosting services in general so that you can try them.

InMotion Hosting Review: – Guaranteed Uptime.

Uptime is considered to be one of the prominent features that every website should possess. InMotion hosting assures you 99.9% uptime just as promised.

If you experience any downtime, then you will be informed or alert beforehand, which is appreciable and also you can enjoy the extra credits for the downtime beyond 0.1%.

InMotion Hosting Review: – Good Reliability.

InMotion hosting Hosting focuses on the latest technology to provide you reliable web hosting services for an unmatchable experience than the other web hosting service providers.

Web hosting plans from InMotion hosting are more reliable and it helps you to back up your website and its data automatically by allocating 10GB disk space.

InMotion Hosting Review: – Excellent Customer support.

InMotion hosting provides the well trained and experienced technical support for all your queries through the phone calls, chats, and email options, it is available for 24/7 US based.

InMotion Hosting Review: – User-friendly web hosting with cPanel.

Web hosting plans from InMotion hosting are user-friendly and allow you to create your website easier with responsive cPanel.

With various development tools including the e-commerce, SEO credits, you can ensure your website is successful in your business needs.

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InMotion Hosting Review: – Reasonable pricing.

InMotion hosting’s web hosting plans are priced reasonably. You can avail extra features when you pay extra and you will get further discounts when you order web hosting plans annually.

InMotion Hosting Review: – CONS of the InMotion Hosting.

Though InMotion hosting has several advantages with its web hosting services, it has a few cons as well.

  • InMotion hosting offers only Linux based web hosting services, so you can’t get Windows web hosting services or windows servers from InMotion hosting.
  • You need to wait for account verification to be completed over phone, until then you can’t host your website, though it’s not a major con, few people wanted their account to be activated along with registration.
  • InMotion hosting deosn’t offer several add-on services, however it does few upsells.
  • You may feel the premium web hosting plans are bit outdated in terms of features.

InMotion hosting Review: – Summary and Conclusion

In short, the InMotion hosting hosting company is the solid, well-structured, best in industry web hosting company with all the features that made it better than the competitors.

It offers the extended web hosting services through its varied plans needed by all the business class websites.

We, here, put forward the key features, pros, and cons of the InMotion hosting web hosting company and it’s up to you to choose for the best that suits your website and blog requirements.

Since it is a U.S based hosting company, it has US datacenters in various locations for the faster data speed and performance for your effective online presence.

If you are looking for such kind of web hosting service, then for you, this hosting company is readily available to serve its best.

Overall, InMotion hosting is the best choice of web hosting solution for all your business website needs.

[rehub_affbtn btn_text=”Visit InMotion” btn_url=””] [wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]
  • Guaranteed Uptime.
  • Reliable and secured web hosting services.
  • Unlimited web hosting resources.
  • SSD based storage.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Standard cPanel.
  • Affordable pricing.
[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]
  • Only Linux based web hosting services.
  • Need phone verification to complete the order.
  • Upsells.
  • Premium plans are pricey with outdated features.
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