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HostPapa India Review

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HostPapa India is the one of the customer friendly web hosting Provider company, whose motto is to provide reliable and affordable web hosting services to Indian customers.

This Canadian based web hosting company started in 2006, soon become one of the best web hosting provider in USA and Canada.

Currently HostPapa holds around 500000 users across the globe, without any doubt HostPapa is one of the trusted web hosting providers.

HostPapa is known for their customer support team expertise, HostPapa customer team is good enough to handle any kind of problem you may encounter while hosting your website using HostPapa web hosting services.

HostPapa India has a separate interface for Indian customers so that Indian customers can manage their web hosting space easily, you can pay your monthly or yearly subscriptions using Indian payment methods.

With their simple web hosting plans and unlimited data and bandwidth they are best and affordable web hosting provider for your website.

Host Papa India web hosting plans ensure your website get adequate web hosting resources at reasonable price, so that web hosting cost goes easy with your pocket.

HostPapa India Review: – Small Business Web hosting.

HostPapa is known for Small business web hosting plans, HostPapa India web hosting plans are suitable for small business owners who are looking for reliable web hosting company with affordable web hosting cost.

With just 199/- per month you can get web hosting service using which you can host two domains with 100GB storage and unlimited web hosting bandwidth.

You will get free domain name and website builder software along with HostPapa’s every web hosting plan, all plans include 30-day money back guarantee, so you can always try what’s working best for you, and stop subscription if you find HostPapa India is not right choice to host you website.

So irrespective of if you are a small business owner or individual website owner, you will get benefited by choosing HostPapa as your web hosting provider.

HostPapa offers free website migration service, incase if you already host your website at any other web hosting provider, free website migration service is definitively helpful if you have website with active traffic or existing customers.

Believe us, website migrations are tedious and time-consuming, so getting helping hand from web hosting provider itself is great time saver & helpful.

You can give a pause to your search for reliable and affordable web hosting company to host your website.

HostPapa India Review: – Green Web hosting.

Apart from reliable web hosting, HostPapa is famous for its Green initiative.

Though HostPapa doesn’t use Green Power supply to manage the data center, they purchase green credits so that green energy is promoted to reduce the carbon footprint.

HostPapa is 100% green web hosting company which purchases green credits equivalent to the amount of Power utilized at their web hosting data center. This is great initiative taken by HostPapa to reduce carbon footprint on our earth.

So it you are looking for green web hosting provider to host your website, then you can definitely try HostPapa green web hosting plans to host your website.

HostPapa India Review: – Website Builder Software.


If you are looking for easy and customizable website builder then you can try HostPapa’s website builder software.

HostPapa India offers its in-famous website builder software for free along with all its web hosting plans.

It’s easy to build and customizable website builder is famous for creating simple business website, which usually doesn’t require more than 5-10 web pages.

Compare to other web hosting providers, HostPapa India providers you it’s in house website builder software, which is easy to use and customize.

No doubt, HostPapa India’s website builder software makes HostPapa web hosting provider standout among most competitive web hosting providers available in the market and without any doubt HostPapa become default choice for small business owners who are looking for web hosting provider with an easy website builder software.

HostPapa India Review: – Security and Server performance.

HostPapa’s motto is “we take security seriously, so that you no need to worry about it”

While choosing any web hosting provider, you need to consider security as one of the important factor while choosing web hosting space for your website.

Because if server security is compromised by any hacker or intruder, then all off your business details and  your customers sensitive information will be in wrong hands.

HostPapa offers server Firewall, monitoring and intrusion detection services along with it’s all shared web hosting plans.

Apart from security you need to look for server performance while choosing any web hosting provider.

HostPapa guarantees 99.9% server uptime, though most of the web hosting companies offer similar uptime guarantee, we found that HostPapa servers perform well in server uptime department.

HostPapa offers rocket fast premium servers to improve website performance further, as per HostPapa you can get 3x server performance in terms for speed and memory by choosing rocket fast premium server web hosting plan.

HostPapa is claiming that they are re-investing lot of money to upgrade their storage to SSD based hard disks, as you may be aware SSD based hard disks improve web site performance greatly.

Most of the web hosting companies are still using RAID based hard disks, HostPapa is no exception, but if they can upgrade all RAID hard disks to SSD, then you can expect noticeable difference in your website performance.

HostPapa India Review: – Business Application Support.

Apart from website builder software, HostPapa supports most of the web related applications.

HostPapa supports all almost all PHP based web applications, to name few, Drupal, Joomla and wordpress etc. Content management software scripts are supported out of box.

You will get simple and easy to use c-panel along with all web hosting plans, will talk in detail about c-panel while reviewing individual web hosting plans from HostPapa.

Apart from website builder software and PHP based applications; HostPapa also offers advanced email hosting.

In fact HostPapa is G-Suit certified seller, you can also buys SSL certificates and use cloudflare CDN along with your web hosting service.

As I mentioned earlier HostPapa web hosting plans are well suited for small business website owners who is looking to host their business website at affordable price.

HostPapa also offers free Google, Bing and Amazon marketing credits worth around $200 with it’s all web hosting plans, these free advertisement plans are helpful to promote your business or personal website for free.

If you are into any online business, then most likely you will be sending and receiving several mails daily, e-mail is one of the most important tool for any online business.

If you already own a corporate e-mail or if you are looking to set up e-mail for your website, then HostPapa offers G-suite e-mail service, where you can set up your business e-mail using Google email services and integrate with your website.

Otherwise you can also use HostPapa’s email services to set up your business e-mail.

Based on your business requirement, you can choose g-suite or HostPapa’s email service, but having support for custom e-mail service from web hosting provider is great add-on.

HostPapa India Review: – Customer Care Support.


Customer care support is where HostPapa India does shine a lot; customer care support team is greatest strength of the HostPapa.

HostPapa offers 24/7 chat, email and phone support, though most of the companies offer similar support, but HostPapa average response time is very low for customer queries.

Fast and responsive customer care team can be life saver for a business website, where you expect your customers to have un-interrupted services from your end.

Apart from fast customer care team, HostPapa nicely categorized huge knowledge base. Each category has hundreds of useful articles and videos.

HostPapa also has transparent network status page, where you can find if there are any known issues with network or with web hosting server, we rarely see similar kind of transparency from any other web hosting service providers.

With “Papa take care of you” motto, HostPapa trying to convey they treat customers as their family members.

Let’s go over all the services offered by HostPapa in-depth, will try to cover each web hosting plan or service in detail so that you can choose best web hosting plan as per your convenience and requirement.


First let’s start with shared web hosting plans from HostPapa.

HostPapa India Review: Shared web hosting plans.

HostPapa offers three different shared web hosting plans, namely Starter, Business and Business Pro.

Let’s go through all shared web hosting plans from HostPapa in detail.

Let’s start with Starter shared web hosting plan.

HostPapa India Review: “Starter” Shared web hosting plan.

As its name says, “Starter” Shared web hosting plan from HostPapa is suitable for webmasters or individuals who is just starting out with their online business or website.

HostPapa reasonably priced “Starter” Shared web hosting plan in such a way that you get all the required features at very low cost.

You can host two websites using “Starter” web hosting plan for Rs 199/Month. Though it’s not the cheapest web hosting plan in India, it offers right balance between cost and features.

With “Starter” Shared web hosting plan, HostPapa offers 100GB Web storage and unlimited bandwidth.

You will also get a free domain name even if you choose “Starter” web hosting plan, it’s amazing that HostPapa manage to provide free domain name even with its low-cost “Starter” web hosting plan.

It’s always better you buy domain name from domain name registrants than from web hosting company, but still you can save few bucks by getting a free domain along with web hosting services.

Apart from free domain, you will also get free marketing credits with HostPapa’s “Starter” shared web hosting plan. So from price point of “Starter” shared web hosting plan is a right choice if you have a business or personal website with low traffic.

With “Starter” web hosting plan, HostPapa also offers website builder software, 100 email accounts.

You can install around 200+ applications using single click, all famous content management and e-commerce scripts are supported in “Starter” web hosting plan.

You get 24/7 email, chat and phone support with “Starter” shared web hosting plan, this plan comes with 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try for 30 days and continue only if you are satisfied with the service.

HostPapa India review: “Business” shared web hosting plan.

With “Business” Shared web hosting plan, HostPapa allows you to host unlimited websites; HostPapa offers unlimited storage and bandwidth with this plan.

You can also create unlimited email accounts using “Business” Shared web hosting plan.

However, when we compare with “starter” web hosting plan, this plan offers more powerful server along with option to configure content delivery network (CDN) for your website.

Powerful server with CDN should improve your website performance when compare to “Starter” web hosting plan.

Apart from 24/7 email, chat and telephone support, you will get 30-minutes free PapaSquad training session.

PapaSquad training session is definitely helpful, if you are new to website development and need helping hand in managing your website.

HostPapa India Review: – “Business Pro” shared web hosting plan.

If you already own an online business, then by now you realized that security is one of most key factor while doing online business.

With “Business Pro” shared web hosting plan, HostPapa offers all essential business related tools which are essential to host website one secured platform.

You will get SSL certificates with “Business Pro” web hosting plan along with more powerful web server to host your website.

With this plan HostPapa offers advanced security features along with domain name privacy and automated website backup.

For your business, if an unlimited web resource along with enhanced security is must, then you can go ahead with Business Pro web hosting plan.

If SSL certificate is not yet mandatory for your business then HostPapa’s “Business” web hosting plan should be sufficient to host your business website.

That’s all from Shared web hosting plans from HostPapa, though shared web hosting service is great way to start your online website, there are several limitations with shared web hosting services, as you  may know, in shared web hosting, web resources are shared with other customers.

Since web resources are shared with other users, performance of shared web hosting is often low, and there is no guarantee that every time you get 100% performance from your allocation.

If you would like to customize your web hosting space, then shared web hosting plan is not a right choice, most of the web hosting providers doesn’t allow you to customize shared web hosting space.

So you can’t install a custom script on shared web hosting space, you need a dedicated server to play around with your own configuration incase if you have a custom script.

But dedicated servers are very costly, so for most of the webmasters it doesn’t make sense to subscribe a dedicated web hosting service. To overcome this problem web hosting providers offers virtual private server.

With virtual private server you can get complete control over your web server.

HostPapa offers five different VPS plans so that you can choose required plan based on your website hosting requirement.


HostPapa India Review: – “Plus” Virtual private server web hosting plan.

For most of the business websites, HostPapa’s ‘Plus’ VPS web hosting plan should be good enough, with ‘plus’ VPS web hosting plan, HostPapa offers 1.5GB RAM, equipped with 4 Core processor and 50GB storage with 1 TB bandwidth.

As we mentioned earlier, Virtual Private servers (VPS) have significant advantage over shared web hosting plans, so VPS offer lot more features than a shared web hosting plan.

There are too many features a Virtual Private Server offers, so we can’t include all features here, but you can get a list of the features using this link.

We will try to review important features of HostPapa’s “Plus” VPS web hosting plan.

Apart from web resources, you get control panel with root access so that you can install required software’s for your custom application.

HostPapa offers enhanced SSD disks along with all VPS web hosting plans, SSD based disk storage greatly improves website speed, you can read more about SSD here.

Since “Plus” VPS web hosting is a managed VPS web hosting plan, you will get full support on OS installation or Upgrades along with application configuration support.

HostPapa’s “Plus” VPS web hosting plan cost you RS. 2,666.58/- per month if you go with one year tier, and for semi-annual plan you will be charged RS. 2,999.83/- per month, monthly pricing is even at higher side with RS. 3,399/- per month.

Other VPS web hosting plans from HostPapa has same features except that they differ in computing power along with storage and bandwidth. So let’s quickly go over all plans one by one.

HostPapa India Review:- “Pro” VPS web hosting plan.

You will get 3GB memory installed with a quad-core processor with 100GB storage and 2TB network bandwidth.

If you have memory intensive applications like WordPress or any other PHP based applications which require more physical memory, then you can try to host your website using HostPapa’s “Pro” VPS web hosting plan.

‘Pro” VPS web hosting plan cost you RS.4,666.58/- per month for yearly subscription, and for semi-annual subscription you will be charged RS. 4,999.83/- per month, monthly subscription cost you  RS. 5,399/- per month.

HostPapa India Review :- “Premium” VPS web hosting plan.

With this plan you will get 8 core CPU along with 6GB RAM, you will ample storage and bandwidth aswell.

With 200GB storage along with 2TB transfer you should be able to host a high performance streaming website if required.

“Premium” VPS web hosting plan cost you RS. 8,666.58/- per month with yearly subscription, and RS. 9,333.17/- per month with half -yearly subscription.

Monthly tier cost you RS. 9,999/- per month.

HostPapa India review: – “Ultra” VPS web hosting plan.

If you are receiving thousands of visitors per day, then most likely you will be facing performance issues with your existing web hosting plan.

If you already optimized your website for speed by using different cache mechanisms, then it is time to upgrade your VPS capacity.

HostPapa’s “Ultra” VPS web hosting plan gives you 8 cores CPU coupled with 12GB RAM, and you will get 500GB storage with 4TB network bandwidth.

“Ultra” plan cost you RS. 12,199/- per month for annual subscription, and half-yearly subscription cost you RS. 12,889/- per month. Monthly subscription will cost you RS.13,559/- per month.


HostPapa India review: – “Extreme” VPS web hosting plan.

HostPapa’s “Extreme” VPS web hosting plan offers 12 core CPU with 24GB RAM, and 1TB storage with 8TB bandwidth.

“Extreme” VPS web hosting plan annual subscription cost you RS. 18,299/- per month,

That’s all about HostPapa’s Virtual private server web hosting plans, if you are into website development or web designing business, then most likely you will be looking to provide hosting services as add-on to website development or designing.

HostPapa offers reseller web hosting plans, so that you can offer web hosting using your existing brand.

With reseller web hosting plans, you can offer your customers web hosting along with your services, this enables you to get extra income apart from your services. Your customers also get benefited because they can get end to end service from you.

Let’s have a look at the reseller web hosting plans offered by HostPapa.

HostPapa offers five reseller web hosting plans; we will go through each plan individually.


HostPapa India Review: – “Bronze” reseller web hosting plan.

With HostPapa’s “Bronze” reseller web hosting plan, you will get 50GB storage and 500GB bandwidth.

With this reseller plan, you will get all required software to manage your reseller web hosting service; you can logically divide your reseller web hosting space as per your client requirement and provide him web hosting services from your end.

HostPapa’s “Bronze” reseller web hosting plan will cost you RS. 1400/- per month with annual subscription.

You can also opt for monthly subscription, which will cost you RS. 1600/- per month.

HostPapa India Review: – Conclusion and final thoughts

HostPapa web hosting plans provide value for money if you are looking for a web hosting company to host your business or personal website.

With HostPapa’s “Business” web hosting plan you can be sure that your website is hosted on one of the most trusted brand in business web hosting service.

But, if you are looking for cheap web hosting provider to host your website, then HostPapa may not be a right choice.

Though HostPapa offers “Starter” web hosting plan for RS. 199-/ per month, you can find lot cheaper web hosting plans from HostingRaja or BlueHost India.

Let’s have a look at pros and cons of HostPapa India web hosting services.

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]
  • Customer Friendly and Reliable web hosting company.
  • Excellent customer support and expertise team.
  • Great web hosting provider for small business or personal websites.
  • Known for Green web hosting and its green initiatives are well appreciated.
  • Excellent web site builder to create websites in no time.
  • SSD hard disks for extra performances and speed.
  • Free marketing credits from Amazon, Google and Bing.
[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]
  • No outstanding shared web hosting plans, except excellent customer support.
  • Can’t use Content delivery network to improve website speed in basic web hosting plan.
  • Basic and Business plans are not suitable for serious business websites.

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