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BlueHost India Review

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BlueHost India Review:

BlueHost India

 Are they worth to try? Let’s find out.

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BlueHost is one of the largest hosting provider around the globe.
They are into hosting business since 1996.
Millions of websites hosted by using BlueHost hosting services all over the world.
BlueHost is one of the best web hosting provider among the WordPress community.
After seeing demand for web hosting company in IndiaBlueHost started offering hosting services from India.
That’s how BlueHost India started .
BlueHost India is part of Endurance International Group of business. EU also hold other companies like HostGator, FatCow etc.
This turned out to be great news for Indian web masters who were looking for good web hosting company in India.

BlueHost India Review: Why BlueHost India, why not BlueHost US?

If you are looking for affordable and high performance web hosting, then BlueHost India is right choice,
BlueHost India known for its optimized web hosting with high performance and speed.
 BlueHost India Linux Hosting
BlueHost India know how to solve hosting issues and provide best web hosting to their customers.
BlueHost India soon become best web hosting company in India. Thanks to their web hosting quality.
If your target customers are from India, then choosing BlueHost India is wise choice.
You get advantage over your competitor, if you host your website on servers located in India.
Ideally, you can host your website anywhere in the world.
It’s easy to overcome the issues related to location by using good CDN (content delivery network).
But still you can get little edge over your competitor, if you host your website using servers nearer to your visitors.
If you are trying to host a blog or personal website,
then location doesn’t matter much, in few cases even if it is a business website.
But, if you are planning to host an eCommerce website,
then you may need to think about location of your servers to take advantage of website page load timings.
Because as per Amazon’s study even milliseconds difference causes frustrating browsing experience.
 amazon one second case study
So be careful about page load time when you are into serious business.
Particularly when your products are competing with Amazon or eBay etc big brands.
Logic behind faster page load is simple, a website’s load time will be less if web server is nearer to your visitor.
Because network latency is proportional to distance.

BlueHost India Review: Few more reasons to choose BlueHost India VS BlueHost US!!

If you are hosting eCommerce or location specific services,
then host your website using BlueHost India instead of web hosting.
 Advantage with BlueHost India vs BlueHost global is you can get customer service in your preferred language.
Its helpful if you want to take advantage with your favorite language.
BlueHost India Support 
But do keep in mind that BlueHost India customer care lacks customer service credibility, if we compare to BlueHost global customer care support.
Yet, based on our experience and interaction with BlueHost India customer care,
We can say that even BlueHost India customer service isn’t that bad, they are manageable.
No doubt, BlueHost global web hosting outperform BlueHost India in web hosting quality.
But still its manageable. So without any second thought you can buy hosting from BlueHost India, if location matters for your website.
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Main advantage with BlueHost India or BlueHost US is that, you no need to be technical expertise to host your website.
BlueHost offers its simplified cPanel with several features to ensure all features are accessible with ease of use.
BlueHost India offers unlimited domains, space, bandwidth and databases on ‘Pro’ hosting plan.
You can get latest offers here.

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Let’s Have a look at BlueHost India shared hosting plans.

BTW, what is Shared Hosting?

Hope you are already familiar with different hosting types & theirs advantages and disadvantages.
Irrespective of what business you are into, it’s always better to start with Shared hosting if you are just starting out, why?
Because Shared Hosting is most affordable web hosting.
Shared Hosting should solve 99% of your website hosting requirements.
Unless, if you are already receiving thousands of visitors every day.
Like its parent company BlueHost India offers wide range of hosting plans.
 BlueHost India wordpress Optimized Hosting
BlueHost India also offer huge discounts if you choose long term subscriptions.
So let’s first go through Linux Shared hosting plans.
BlueHost India offers different kinds of hosting plans to meet your web hosting requirements.
Under shared hosting plan Blue Host India offers both Linux and Windows hosting.
Technically, you can host your website using either Linux or Windows servers.
Yet, Linux servers are more popular because of their stability, performance and security.
Let’s have a look at Linux shared hosting plans.


BlueHost India Review: Linux shared hosting plans.

blueHost India linux shared hosting

All BlueHost India ‘Linux shared hosting’ plans include unlimited resources.
You will get Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Data Transfer and Unlimited Email accounts with all plans.
But, only ‘Pro’ shared hosting plan offers Unlimited domains,
so ‘pro’ shared hosting plan is ultimate choice if you want to host many domains using single hosting plan.
If you are using only one domain then you can go ahead with ‘Standard’ hosting plan.
Because even standard hosting plan offers unlimited resources, which should be more than enough to host one website.
All Linux shared hosting plans include customized BlueHost cPanel.
BlueHost cPanel includes several features to manage your website shared hosting space.
Blue Host India cPanel also includes Softaculous Apps installer,
You can install around 200 apps in single click using Softaculous Apps installer.


BlueHosting India c_panel demo

Using Blue Host India customized cPanel, you can also manage subdomains, DNS and email etc.
You also get bandwidth and other analytics related to your website using BlueHost cPanel.
Overall BlueHost India customized cPanel is simple to use and feature rich.
Let’s have a quick look at Blue Host India windows shared hosting plans.

BlueHost India Review: Windows Shared hosting plans.

BlueHost India windows shared hosting plans

In quick glance it’s clear that Windows shared hosting plans are costlier than Linux shared hosting plans.
Partly due to Windows license and Windows server’s high maintenance cost.
All ‘windows shared hosting’ plans also include unlimited resources.
That is unlimited Disk space, bandwidth and Emails.
Unfortunately, there is no ‘windows shared hosting’ plan which allows you to host unlimited domains.
In windows shared hosting ‘Pro’ plan allows only 10 domains, though its more than enough for any individual person.
May be it’s a setback for few who would like to host several low traffic websites.
All ‘windows shared hosting’ plans include ASP.NET 4.5 and MSSQL 2012, you can find out latest included software details here.
BlueHost India ‘windows shared hosting’ plans includes Plesk control panel as standard control panel for its windows hosting.
 BlueHost India Plesk demo
Windows Shared hosting also includes one click installer,
It’s is helpful in installing favorite applications using sing click.


BlueHost India Review: WordPress  Optimized Linux Web Hosting.

BlueHost India also offers WordPress optimized Linux hosting. This hosting plan help you installing latest WordPress   using 1 click WordPress  installer.
With this WordPress optimized Linux hosting,
Blue Host India includes optimized WordPress software for high performance and speed.
Let’s have a look at WordPress optimized Linux hosting plans.


BlueHost India WordPress Optimized Linux Hosting Plans

Quick glance of WordPress hosting plans reveal that they are basically Linux shared hosting plans,
But all WordPress hosting plans included optimized WordPress software with their offerings.
If you are a non-technical user and if you are planning to build your website using WordPress,
Then choosing WordPress optimized hosting plans makes your life lot easier.
All WordPress  hosting plans also offer unlimited resources and ‘Pro’ plan let you host unlimited domains.
So WordPress  optimized hosting is right choice,
If you wanted to take advantage of pre-optimized WordPress  software.
Optimized WordPress hosting plans ensure your visitors enjoy high performance and speed.
Good part is, you no need to spend much time in your website optimization.
If you are looking for flexibility and high performance hosting plan then you need to have a look at VPS or Dedicated server hosting plans.
Let’s have a look BlueHost India virtual private and dedicated Server hosting plans.


BlueHost India Review: Virtual private and dedicated servers.

Blue Host India also offers VPS (Virtual Private Server) and dedicated servers.
VPS and dedicated servers are useful in-case if you want to have flexibility and high performance.
If you are not familiar with VPS and Dedicated servers, then please have a look at this link to get familiar with these servers.
Let’s have a look at BlueHost India VPS (virtual private server) offerings.


BlueHost India VPS hosting plans

If you are a power user and looking for flexibility and performance,
Then BlueHost India virtual private server is right choice.
It offers both flexibility and performance.
These VPS hosting plans are fully managed hosting plans.
Means, everything is taken care by hosting provider,
Not limited to operating system updates or configuring email server etc.
You can get help from customer support team to host your website on these servers.
Since these are virtualized hosting servers, you can install or configure any application the way you want.
But still underlying Hardware is shared with other users.
This help hosting providers to reduce cost and offer a server in affordable cost.
If you have a very big website which attracts millions of visitors,
Then most likely you need to get a dedicated server.
Dedicated servers are helpful in hosting only your website on that particular server.
Dedicated servers offer huge flexibility, performance and provide complete isolation with other users.
But they are 10x costlier than virtual private servers.
Let’s have a look at BlueHost India dedicated server hosting plans.


BlueHost India Dedicated Hosting plans


As you can see, ‘dedicated hosting’ plans are costly.
You only need dedicated server when your website is generating huge revenue and it is famous for its service 🙂
Guess what, we covered all hosting plans which are offered by BlueHost India.
Oops, we almost forgot about cloud hosting offering by BlueHost India.
They also offers cloud hosting, but we will be reviewing cloud hosting in another review.
Ok, enough discussions about features.
Let’s have a look at BlueHost India customer service.
Because customer care plays important role, in choosing right web hosting provider for your website.

BlueHost India Review: Customer Care Support.

 BlueHost India Customer Care
Overall BlueHost India customer support and technical support is good,
You can get in touch with support team through phone, chat or through email.
But, do note that customer care team response time varies based on your web hosting requirement.
On average you may need to wait for 10-20 minutes in case if you are trying to contact them through chat service.
We contacted  customer support team over e-mail and found that they responded us back within permitted hours.
So they have good response time and customer care team representative provided required info to solve our issue.
We asked them questions which are beyond their scope, but still they provided the required information for us.
So, we can say Blue Host India customer service experience was decent and can be dependable.
That’s all about the Blue Host India web hosting services,  looks like we almost covered all important features & offerings of BlueHost India. You can buy BlueHost India web hosting using pre-approved offer link  below.

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Advantages and Disandvantages of BlueHost India.

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]
  • Simple to use customized BlueHost cPanel.
  • Wide range of hosting plans.
  • Customized WordPress hosting plans.
  • India origin servers to take advantage of location.
  • Premium e-mail and telephone support.
  • Unlimited disk space, bandwidth and emails on all Web hosting plans.
  • Free Global CDN(content delivery network) to ensure faster load times.
  • One Click installation for more than 200 applications.
[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]
  • Under Powered server performance when compared to servers.
  • servers are cheaper than BlueHost India servers.  
  • Chat service is time consuming.
  • On average 10-20 minutes require to get hold of chat support representative.

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