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Arvixe Review

(Last Updated On: May 18, 2017)[review]

Arvixe Review: –

Arvixe review

Arvixe web Hosting solutions – What’s Our Take?

Whether it’s an individual looking for a simple web hosting service or a large enterprise looking for multiple web hosting services; finding a suitable web hosting provider can be tricky. Yes, it’s time consuming, confusing and expensive!

Thus, it becomes fundamental to review the various available web hosting companies and select the right one. In our current Arvixe review article, we are going to review Arvixe LLC, a California based web hosting service provider.

Arvixe Review:- History of Arvixe.

Before understanding the varied service portfolio, let me brief you about the company.

Arvixe was founded in the year 2003 by Arvand Sebatian in San Luis Obispo, CA and was later acquired by Endurance International Group (EIG), a web hosting conglomerate in the year 2014.

Since its inception, Arvixe has been involved in hosting web services for all business types as well as individuals.

The company provides a range of hosting services including shared to dedicated web hosting. It provides both Linux (CentOS) and (windows) web hosting across all the plans.

Their sheer portfolio and features gives lot of flexibility to the clients and allows for easy upgrades with the increasing requirements.

Since the beginning, Arvixe has seen tremendous growth in terms of domains and web hosting accounts, geographies, and employees. It has highly efficient and well-structured datacenters in Dallas (US) and Hong Kong.

The company has even won couple of industry accolades and recognitions such as America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies by Inc. Magazine.

The core business values that form the existence of the company are reliability, affordability, and quality.

Arvixe’s Product Offerings.

Arvixe provides varied web hosting services primarily categorized into five verticals:

  • Personal Class
  • Business Class
  • Reseller Class
  • VPS Class
  • Dedicated Class

Going a bit further, let’s understand what are good & bad about two main service categories of Arvixe i.e. cloud and WordPress web hosting services.

In simple terms, cloud web hosting means hosting of a website on virtually available server or cluster of servers.

Arvixe claims to be one of the leaders in providing dedicated cloud web hosting services.

Arvixe cloud services portfolio offers Basic, Pro, and Premium packages to clients with different subscriptions and features.

Some of the pros of Arvixe’s cloud web hosting are its scalability which means the servers have the flexibility to scale with the growing needs of client’s business.

Like many other competitors, it also provides free website transfer to migrate existing websites of its clients but that is definitely a plus point for them.

The popularity of WordPress which is a leading open source content management system has gone up in recent years.

Many companies are looking for easy and affordable web hosting services for WordPress.

WordPress is easy to setup and user-friendly. However, security is one of the major issues when it comes to WordPress websites.

Catering to this need, Arvixe too provide WordPress web hosting claiming to optimize the security, a major concern and also the speed of WordPress websites.

Other advantages with Arvixe’s are the unlimited space and bandwidth they provide, compatibility with various WordPress plugins, and again the scalability to shared, VPS as well as dedicated web hosting.

Arvixe Review: – Pros & Cons of Arvixe web hosting solutions

Arvixe’s Web hosting services – Pros

  1.  Arvixe’s Security Features.

Arvixe has been known for providing a number of safety and security features such as spam assassin, SPF for email security etc. to help protect the websites.

However, with increasing competition, they need to bring in more security features to keep them above others.

  1. Exclusive Features for Customers.

Arvixe offers some exclusive features that you can enjoy with Arvixe web hosting services are free domain name for lifetime on signup, attractive discount offers on additional web hosting accounts, generous money back guarantees, and exclusive reward systems for dedicated customers.

  1. Vast product and service portfolio

Been for a several years into the business, Arvixe has earned goodwill and created an identity for themselves in the market.

Arvixe hosted a large number of websites and have gained a good market shared because of their hard work and expertise. One thing that they need to make sure is keep it intact for years to come!

 Arvixe’s Web hosting services – Cons

However, with pros comes cons and one needs to consider them before making a choice.

  1. One of the major concerns with Arvixe is with the uptime.

Like their other web hosting providers, Arvixe also guarantee 99.9% site uptime or else provide for refund.

However, going through past performance records, there have been issues with the uptime and being below the average uptime as guaranteed by them.

This too has put concerns over the company’s services.

  1. High page load time for a website.

Website page load time affects usability and customer experience and so, it becomes crucial for any company to take remedial actions against such issues.

  1. Degrading Customer Support

Arvixe markets to provide for 24*7 customer support through live chats, calls, tickets, and emails.

They have been very proactive and made it customer service as one of their key business missions.

But since the acquisition by EIG in 2014, the customer support reviews have been turning negative and hampering the goodwill of the company.

Arvixe Review: – What’s the Gist?

Although there are many key and advanced features available with Arvixe but most of them are common across competing hosting companies.

As mentioned above, one major setback to the company in recent times has been the growing complaints against its customer service and support.

The negative reviews about company’s customer support, which was once their key highlight and strength has gone.

Clients have been complaining and writing negative reviews about their untimely and lack of customer service on certain social media and review websites.

Well, the company has come a long way since its inception and has hosted a large number of websites.

Problems do arise when it comes to hosting especially for large enterprises adding on to the crazy competition.

The reviews and ratings on various online platforms are kind of mixed with most negative reviews targeted on their customer support activities.

Still, Arvixe stands up pretty well against the competitors such as Siteground, Bluehost, IPage, QuickBooks, FDC Servers etc.

Arvixe being for long in the market and backed by conglomerate has served many clients across the industries and geographies.

The product features are pretty much every company or individual looks for with some add-on features mentioned above.

Arvixe Review: – Recommendation and Conclusion.

What one needs is a trust-able host! Yes, it can be really confusing and time trenching task to choose among multiple web hosting providers in the market with similar product offerings and pricing.

There are many good web host providers in the market but at the end budget and feature list that serves the best to your requirements must be the chosen one.

Based on past performance record from Arvixe, we do not suggest to host your website using Arvixe web hosting provider. So you can choose other web hosting provider for your web hosting requirements.

So if you are looking for cheap web hosting then choose iPage or eHost instead of Arvixe.

If you need performance website then choose BlueHost or SiteGround.

Hope this article helped you to get fair idea about Arvixe.

Well, all good luck choosing the right web hosting partner for you!

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]
  • Web hosting security.
  • Free lifetime domain.
  • Generous money back guarantee.
[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]
  • Slow customer support team.
  • Issues with uptime.
  • Slow website page load time.

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