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A2 Hosting Review

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A2 hosting Review: –

 A2 Hosting Review

One of the fastest web hosting providers, with Upto 20x faster websites for real!

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A2 hosting is a U.S based hosting company, its one of the Independent web hosting provider from USA.

Though A2 Hosting doesn’t look very familiar name in web hosting business, A2hosting has been in web hosting business since 1996. Initially, it was launched with name as Iniquinet, but later, in 2003, it has been rebranded and re-launched as A2 Hosting with same features as before.

A2Hosting is one of the powerful web hosting company in the industry, though it is not as famous as other web hosting companies on giving huge discounts and offers,

All web hosting companies need data centres to host customers websites, A2 Hosting has the data centre located across three locations, with the primary data centre in Michigan and other two additional data centres in Amsterdam and Singapore, Asia to ensure the fast web hosting for all customers across the globe.

A2 Hosting Review: – What’s A2hosting Speciality?

A2 Hosting acclaimed as one of the fastest web hosting provider across the globe. It offers many interesting features along with the primary features which makes A2Hosting is one of the best hosting company for scalability, reliability, and flexibility.

With Six different web hosting plans A2 Hosting offer various web hosting packages to ensure your web hosting requirements are well satisfied within A2 Hosting web hosting plans.

A2 Hosting offers range from a shared web hosting packages through a dedicated web hosting plan.

This hosting company has been endorsing green credentials from its partner, which in turn promotes re-usable energy to minimize carbon footprint.

A2 hosting Review: –  Key features.


A2hosting Company boasts the pride of being fastest web hosting provider in comparison with the other web hosting companies.

Apart from web hosting services, A2 Hosting also offers domain registrations, email servers etc. which makes A2 Hosting is one of the web hosting platform who is powering millions of domain names and websites globally.

A2 Hosting primary focus is on providing blazing speed web hosting services with the help of predominant Software & hardware choices and even more.

If you have a website that has low traffic, then A2 Hosting can help you in your web hosting requirements through its hosting plans and services.

Let’s peep into the key features that make A2 Hosting is one of the best in the industry compared to other web hosting providers.

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A2 Hosting Review: – Developer Friendly web hosting provider.

Since A2 Hosting was started as a startup company, they are committed on providing customers best software development tools so that they can make use of the powerful web hosting services.

A2 Hosting is one of the web hosting companies which offered PHP7 along with web hosting services for first time. They also offer PHP 5 to host your websites and blogs to have backward compatibility.

It not only supports PHP 5 or PHP 7, but also supports most of the scripts and top software’s written in Perl, Python, and Ruby languages.

You will get free virus scan and malware protections software installed to enhance your website protection.

In short, A2 Hosting is not only provide you faster website, but it also offer excellent security tools to ensure your website is protected all the time.

A2 Hosting Review: – Domain Registration Services

Registering a customized domain with A2 Hosting is simple and easy.

It provides you a wide range of packages that are very well suited to your requirements and budget. A2 Hosting also allows you to transfer your existing domains for free of cost.

A2 Hosting Review: – Free SSL Certificates

If you are hosting a ecommerce or business website, then you need SSL certificates, A2 Hosting offers free Lets encrypt SSL certificate to keep both your website transactions are safe by encrypting your customers communication

A2 Hosting Review: – 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

In case if you are worried about the web hosting service reliability, A2 Hosting provides 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Since, A2 hosting is based on a reliable server which ensures there is no downtime; they do continuous monitoring to find out and fix issues related to Uptime.

Hence, A2 Hosting is offering 99.9% Uptime guarantee.

A2 Hosting Review: – Anytime Money Back Guarantee

A2 Hosting helps to get back your money using hassle-free refund over your purchase when the services are not in accordance with your needs.

To get a full refund, you should cancel your account within 30 days.

You can also avail a prorated refund of unused service after 30 days at any time.

But, one thing keep in mind that the Domain registrations, setup fees, and migration fees are not refundable and they are not covered by this money back guarantee feature.

A2 Hosting Review: – High-Performance SwiftServers for fast web hosting

A2hosting always aims at providing its customers best services using high performance servers wherever possible.

With more than 15 years in web hosting services business, A2 Hosting knows how to improve website performance by optimizing hosting servers, so they developed   SwiftServers platform to ensure awesome performance with their web hosting services.

Custom built SwiftServers platform in association with 20x Faster Turbo servers ensure you get guaranteed performance boost for your website, A2 Hosting also ensures per server there are only few customers so that there won’t be any HW resource constraint.

A2 Hosting SwiftServer platform offers you the 1-click caching setup tools to ensure faster page loads.

Turbo cache, OPcache/APC, and the Memcached are provided for extra caching to improve performance further.

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A2hosting Review:-  company’s web hosting plans-an overview

With A2 Hosting high performance web hosting plan, your pageload time should reduce considerably, so it’s helpful in ranking high in Google and reduce the bounce rate; quicker page loads help you receiving high traffic and visitor satisfaction.

If you like to start a website with A2 Hosting web hosting provider, then it provides you the wide range of hosting plans to choose from shared, VPS, reseller, and dedicated server hosting.

Let us dig into A2Hosting web hosting plans to choose the best suitable web hosting plan for your website requirement and budget.

A2 Hosting Review: – Shared web hosting plans


Three different web hosting plans are offered by A2 Hosting in shared web hosting services.

A2 Hosting named them as Lite, Swift, and Turbo shared web hosting plans.

Similar to other web hosting companies, A2 Hosting also provides unlimited resources along with its shared web hosting plans.

Shared web hosting plans price starts from $3.92 right away through $7.99 per month.

All shared web hosting plans include the unlimited disk space, storage, data transfers along with the free SSD.

You can also setup your website and blogs using pre-optimized WordPress, Drupal & Joomla.

You can also enjoy turbo servers for speedy performance and ease of use.

If you go with Swift and Turbo plans, you will get unlimited domains and database access.

Using Server rewind feature from A2 Hosting, you can back up and recover your site incase if your site is deleted or corrupted due to some issue.

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 A2 hosting Revew: – Reseller web hosting plans


A2hosting Reseller hosting plans are well established and can help you host your own websites with its three hosting plans namely Produce plan at $13.19 per month, Progress plan at $19.79 per month and Prosper plan at $36.29 per month.

When you opt for this hosting plan, you can get easily setup individual hosting accounts, fully white labelled option and the World class WHM control panel to access your sites seamlessly.

A2hosting Review: – VPS hosting plans


You can preferably use this VPS hosting services when you run a medium sized website that needs a decent traffic on regular basis.

At A2hosting VPS hosting plans, you will have three distinct management levels options namely Managed VPS, Unmanaged VPS, and Core VPS. These plans are available at affordable prices.

Unmanaged VPS is especially for the experienced developer working on the command line. This plan starts at the price of $5.00 per month. You can have full access to the servers.

Managed VPS is the perfect upgradation solution of the shared hosting plan yet powered by VPS. This plan starts at the price of $32.99 per month. You can choose this plan over the unmanaged VPS as it offers you the tension free Host-Guard Management system.

Core VPS hosting plan is similar to that of the managed VPS powered with the root access. This plan starts at $32.99 per month.

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A2 hosting Review: – Dedicated server web hosting


The dedicated server hosting of this company satisfies your most intensive business needs starting at an affordable price $99.59 per month. The features that you can avail with this hosting plan involves the customizing of your server’s resources, complete isolation of your site and allows you to choose the best suits your management level.

A2 hosting Review: – Cloud web hosting

This hosting plan is similar to that of VPS hosting. If you are looking for the hosting services that satisfy the high-powered, developer friendly, reliable and scalable hosting solution, then you can undoubtedly opt this plan. Its plans are named as Start, Median and Ace and all these plans are available at affordable prices. It allows you to fully customize the cloud resources.

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A2 Hosting: – PROS and CONS of A2Hosting

A2hosting has the mixed reviews on its hosting services (both positive and negative) online. By taking into account of the customer’s views and their experience on this hosting, I like to list out the pros and cons of the A2hosting company.

Due to A2hosting’s consistent web hosting performance, it received more positive reviews on the guaranteed uptime, speedy response, and performance for sure.

Let’s us go through the pros to support this statement as follows,

Faster hosting services

With Turbo servers A2Hosting boasts the faster web hosting plans, which can be up to 20x faster than the other competitors in the market.

Speedy Page loads

A2Hosting ensures speedy website page loading, so that you can have high SEO ranking, more traffic to generate leads and sales convention.

Free HackScan option-

Because of growing customers online, we are serious threat with website security; A2hosting prevents your sites from the threats and malware and makes it more secure through HackScan tool for free with all the hosting plans. This HackScan service will scan for viruses keep monitoring your sites and provide your site the brute force protection.

Free Site Migrations-

A2hosting supports the migration of sites from the different servers for free. This hassle-free service that comes with A2 hosting is appreciable.

Usage of Content Management Systems-

You can install all top popular software including the WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, OpenCart, and Magento with single click; this helps you to install your site easy and simple.

Great customer support-

We can see several clients face problem with the kind of support they get from their web hosting company.

But, A2 Hosting tries best to provide a quick and useful response to client queries or concerns.

The 24×7 customer support from A2 hosting is available through email, tickets, chat and phone.

It also uses the Skype support, which is an added advantage in comparison with its competitors.

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A2 Hosting Review: – CONS of A2hosting

Though A2 Hosting has advantages over its competitors, they too have few cons which are important to know before subscribing to A2 hosting services.

Web hosting plans pricing tier.

The pricing structure of the hosting plans is good but they are higher when compared to the other hosting providers in the same race.

Limited access.

You will get Turbo server with improved caching only if you opt for the Turbo hosting plan for your websites and blogs, but  other plans doesn’t get any performance boost services.

Limited phone support.

There is no telephonic customer support available outside U.S.A.

A2 hosting Review: – Conclusion and summary.

A2hosting, main focus is providing best shared web hosting services, and with increasing positive reviews over internet we can say that they are doing good in this regard.

If you are looking for fast web hosting, then you can definitely consider A2 Hosting.

However, A2 Hosting is not the cheapest web hosting provider, so you may pay some extra bucks to have faster website, so if website speed along with ultra-reliable, high-performance website matters to you then you can give a try A2 Hosting.

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]
  • Free SSL certificates.
  • Any time money guarantee.
  • High performance SwiftServers.
  • Unmanaged VPS for cheap VPS web hosting.
  • Turbo Servers for 20x performance boost.
  • Great customer support.
[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]
  • Pricey web hosting plans.
  • Turbo servers are not available with low cost plans.
  • No telephone support for customers from outside USA.
[/wpsm_cons][/wpsm_column] [rehub_affbtn btn_text=”Visit A2 Hosting” btn_url=””]

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