Best 4G Mobile Under 5000

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(Last Updated On: August 11, 2017)

Smartphones have become as one of the essential electronic gadgets in the present day of life, with several outstanding and interesting useful features Smartphones are providing high value in all the aspects of our life, now we can  get 4G mobile under 5000/- in India.

In the present day the growth of the smart phones has evolved so much that they can to do many things with just a single touch.

From the ordinary citizens to the famous personalities everyone has been using the Smartphone to make maximum out of present day of the life.

Though Smartphones primary purpose to make and receive calls, they evolved so much beyond that.

One of the most important feature a Smartphone have is connecting world using Internet, with mobile phones it become very easy to browse Internet using mobile network.

After evolving from the first generation mobile network to the second generation and third generation now the smart phones have reached fourth generation of the mobile network, which is also known as the 4G.

Truly smartphones become dependable electronic gadgets which will help common man to get knowledge of the world at a go

If you look at the mobile phone market, then you will find that the customers are showing more interest in purchasing or owning smart phones with 4G support.

Now in India people are more interested to poses 4G supported mobile phone, so that they can do verity of things on go. So having 4G capability become one of the important feature.

But until recently 4G Smart Phones were available only for more than 10,000/-, so they were not available at affordable price for an average mobile customers.

But, things changed now, now you can get 4G smart phones at affordable prices, now even best 4G mobile phones are available under 5000/-, so let’s have a look at these best 4G mobile under 5000/- rupees.

Though these mobile phones are available for cheap, the features that have been used in these 4g mobiles are remarkable. So don’t worry about quality of these mobile phones.

Nowadays, mobile market of India is flooded with the mobile phones which have exceptional features.

These features will help mobile companies to stand out in highly competitive market in a smart way among the other smart phone manufacturers.

They have been making a stride in the market, since quality of these smart phones are high.

Here is the list of the top 10 best 4G mobile under 5000/-, let’s have a look at the features and unique specifications they offer.

RankingsImageNameEditor's RatingPrice
#14G_Mobile_phones_under_5000_micromax-canvas-fire-5Micromax Canvas Fire 5
#24G_Mobile_phones_under_5000_InFocus_Bingo_2InFocus Bingo 2
#34G_Mobile_phones_under_5000_Intex_Cloud_Q11 Intex Cloud Q11
#44G_Mobile_phones_under_5000_Xolo_Era_2Xolo Era 2 4G
#54G_Mobile_phones_under_5000_LYF_Flame_8LYF Flame 8
#64G_Mobile_phones_under_5000_Samsung_Z2Samsung Z2
#74G_Mobile_phones_under_5000_Micromax_SparkMicromax Spark
#84G_Mobile_phones_under_5000_Intex_Cloud_treadIntex Cloud 4G Smart2
#94G_Mobile_phones_under_5000_Intex_Aqua_ZenithIntex Aqua Zenith
#104G_Mobile_phones_under_5000_Videocon_Graphite1_V45EDVideocon Graphite1 V45ED

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1.Best 4G Mobile Under 5000:- Micromax Canvas Fire 5

We Indians always look for the best things at the affordable price.4G_Mobile_phones_under_5000_micromax-canvas-fire-5

For us the Micromax Canvas Fire 5 is one of the best 4G Mobile Under 5000/-.

This is the latest android smart phone that has been launched by the Micromax Company recently.

This phone has been updated with latest android version of Android OS. Latest version of Marshmallow v6.0 has been installed on the phone.

The screen size is 5.5 inches and has comes with the IPS and LCD touch screen, it has very nice display so you won’t be disappointed with the display.

The front camera is 5MP which is a great for taking the selfies. The back camera is also 8MP so that you can take photos from distance without loosing image clarity.

Micromax canvas Fire 5 has latest chipset, which is powered by Mediatek MT6580 with the incorporation of 1GB ram, this smartphone has internal memory around 16 GB which can be expanded up to 32 GB.

This smart phone is powered with Quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7 processor, which has been incorporated in the high performance mobile phones which are more costlier.

Last update was on: November 8, 2017, 11:54 am

So this smart phone has good performing processor coupled with 1GB RAM, so you can safely do multi tasking. However you can’t expect it to open several windows or games at the same time.

Micromax canvas Fire 5 available in different colors, this phone available in Gold, Grey and silver.

This smart phone pre-installed with several apps which are not really useful, also make sure to revert back to android launcher, pre-installed Indus launcher performance is not good as expected. Overall Micronmax canvas Fire 5 is value for money considering its price range and the features. If smart phones looks matters to you, then you wont be disappointed.
  • Made with the latest android version Marshmallow
  • Supports dual sim
  • The density of the pixel is 267
  • Autofocus with Led flash Features
  • Good looking
  • Battery capacity is very poor
  • Supports limited censors
  • Pre installed apps

2. Best 4G Mobile Under 5000: – InFocus Bingo 21

Smart phones with 4G Support become selling factor for most of the mobile phones, 4G connection is mainly added in the smartphones so that we browse Internet more faster to get things done quickly.4G_Mobile_phones_under_5000_InFocus_Bingo_21

4G Mobile broadband also provide the user with the best ever possibilities of the Internet.

We Indians wanted to buy these smart phones using which we can do the surfing without any problem.

For people who is looking for affordable best 4G Mobile under 5000/- then the InFocus Bingo 21 is the best buy.

The InFocus Bingo 21 comes with the Android operating system with the 5.1 version of lollipop.
The screen size is 4.5 inches with LCD with The pixel density is 218 ppi.

The processor is 1.5 giga hertz quad-core with 2 GB RAM. The internal memory is 8GB which can be extended up to 32 GB.

This phone is the great for taking selfies as the front camera comes with 5 mega pixel and the rare camera comes with 8 mega pixel.

It has also additional features like Auto focus, LED Flash, HDR and Panorama. The battery backup is 2300 mAh which makes this smart mobile to run for a longer period of time.

Last update was on: November 8, 2017, 11:54 am

Supports all kinds of connectivity like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 4G and more. This phone comes in three different colors.

  • The battery backup is so powerful that the phone can run for many hours
  • 1.5 GHz quad-core processor helps to support the phone from getting hanged
  • Video recording can be done with High definition
  • All the latest features have been incorporated
  • Pre installed document viewer app.
  • Supports Call waiting, Call forwarding and call conference etc features
  • The Android operating system is not the latest version
  • The camera quality is not so good
  • Heating issues can be observed occasionally
InFocus_Bingo_21 is value for money if you can compromise on camera qaulity and occassional heating issues and you are primarily looking for 4G mobile under 5000/-.
But, do not buy this mobile if you are looking for great camera smart phone, overall it delivers the features for the price.

3.Best 4G Mobile Under 5000:- Intex Cloud Q11

Best Smartphones must be cool enough to do the things in the right way. One of the example of the cool smart phone is Intex Cloud Q11.

This smartphone is very handy to use and comes with 1.3GHz quad-core MediaTek MT6580 processor.4G_Mobile_phones_under_5000_Intex_Cloud_Q11

It has 1GB RAM with an internal memory of 8GB which can be extended up to 32 GB.

This phone has the latest version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

The rear camera is 8MP which comes with the dual flash light so that you can take pictures in the clearest way.

The battery is powered by 2,800mAh lithium-ion which gives you the option of chats, internet surfing’s and call for a long period of time.

The screen size is 5.5 inches which gives a proper viewing angles, so you can watch high definition content without any issue.

This phone supports all the required features like bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 4G etc.
The phone does not hangs and gives you option of doing the things at ease.

The advanced processor helps to do the works in the Internet with speed and also get many things at one go.

Being a good budget smart phone, it offers all features which an average user expects, with its 5MP front facing camera you can easily capture selfies, and 8MP primary camera ensures you won’t miss any image on the go.

Last update was on: November 8, 2017, 11:54 am

However, similar to other budget mobile phones, it can’t take good selfies under low light, so expect average camera quality.
Since it has 2800mAh battery, you can expect one day battery backup even if you are heavy user.

So Intex Cloud Q11 won’t disappoint you if you are normal smart phone user who is looking for good battery backup, but due to big battery it takes long time to charge since it doesn’t have turbo charging feature.

Consider buying 2.5 Amp charger, it will help you in charging bigger battery quickly , you can buy quick 2.5 Amp charger here.
  • The RAM helps in controlling the applications
  • Supports dual sim
  • Slim and light in weight
  • The quad-core process helps in doing multiple tasks
  • There is no gorilla glass protection
  • The sound quality through the earphones is very bad

4. Best 4G Mobile Under 5000:- Xolo Era 2

For People who love to hook on the Internet most of the time, Xolo Era 2 is one of the best 4G mobile under 5000/- available for them.

4G_Mobile_phones_under_5000_Xolo_Era_2This Smart phone from Xolo Company been shipped with the Android Operating system version 6 which is also known as Marshmallow.

Since there are several improvements in Marshmallow related to Internet and browsing, it will be helpful for us to do the internet surfing at fastest way.

Xolo Era 2 screen is TFT Capacitive touch screen and it is 5.0 inches with 854 x 480 pixels resolution which allows us to view files are videos on larger screen, and also its multi touch screen so scrolling and navigation will be lot smoother and you won’t find difficulty in doing multi touch.

Because of its large and smooth screen you can browse applications in the mobile easily and without any lag in the mobile rendering.

The internal memory is 8GB which can be expanded up to 32 GB along with 1GB RAM. It runs with the 1.3 GHz Quad-core processor which will give you the fastest speed in surfing the internet even if you are browsing websites with media content.

Last update was on: November 8, 2017, 11:54 am

Apart from Internet browsing, other media playback also improved. This quad core processor can easily handle multi tasking and moderate level of gaming.

The chipset is built with Spreadtrum SC9832A which helps us in multi-tasking without getting the phone hanged.

The front and the rare camera are 5 mega pixels with touch focus, face detection and panorama capability.

Though Xolo Era 2 4G With VoLTE smart phone can take good pictures in ideal lighting, it lacks required mega pixels to collect all the details, so even with primary camera you will get average images.

So camera is definitely not a greatest strength of the Xolo Era 2.

But, at given price range, Xolo Era 2 is one of the few mobile phones which offer 4G with VoLTE under 5000/- rupees.

Xolo Era 2 4G also supports dual SIM with high definition video recordings [email protected], this will help us to share the pictures and the videos in the social networking sites with ease.

This phone doesn’t have gorilla glass, so ensure to have proper screen protector to protest screen from accidental damage, you can get good screen protector here.
  • battery capacity is 2350 mAh
  • Supports features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, GPS, 4G
  • Additional features like Photo/video editor, Document viewer is also available pre-installed
  • The density of the display is ~196 pixels
  • Bit heavier than what has been displayed
  • Not an updated Android Version
  • Average sound quality

5.Best 4G Mobile Under 5000:- LYF Flame 8

It’s another best 4G mobile under 5000/- available for us Indians who want to have the best smart phone at the minimal cost. This smartphone must have the features to support the 4G connection.

4G_Mobile_phones_under_5000_LYF_Flame_8For customers looking for 4G support LYF Flame 8 is one of the best choice, because it is affordable for most of the customers who is looking for best 4G mobile under 5000/-.

This phone runs on the 5.1 Android Operating System which is Lollipop. The screen size is 4.5 inches with FWVGA Touchscreen Display with Multi touch. This phone has the provision of dual SIM.

With dual SIM, you can use a SIM for making calls and the other SIM for doing the internet surfing.

The front camera is 5 mega pixels and the rear camera is 8 mega pixels.
The internal memory of the phone is 8 GB which can be extended up to 128 GB via microSD dedicated slot.

So we can therefore store photos and videos without any type of problem.

The battery capacity is 2000 mAh which helps the average user to use the phone for long hours without any kind of low battery problem.

Last update was on: November 8, 2017, 11:54 am

LYF 8 design is not outstanding, but it’s not too bad either, this phone is found mainly in the black and white design which truly reflects the look of the phone.

It supports all connections like the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and 4G. The design quality of the phone is great.

  • The color of the phone matches with the design
  • It also supports additional features like Document viewer, Photo/video editor
  • Supports High Definition Video Recordings
  • The pixel density is 218 which gives the picture the best ever clarity
  • OTG is not supported in this mobile phone
  • Low camera quality.



6.Best 4G Mobile Under 5000:- Samsung Z2

We Indian’s have special attachment with mobile phones made by the Samsung more than any other smart mobile phone company made.

4G_Mobile_phones_under_5000_Samsung_Z2This smartphone from Samsung Company runs on Tizen operating system with 2.4 versions.

People who are active on the social networking sites will not get any better smartphone than this 4G mobile under 5000/- from Samsung.

This 4G mobile phone has been built with Quad Core processor with the dual SIM facility.

In this smartphone all social media applications are pre-installed so that social media lovers will get the opportunity to stay live without any problem.
The internal memory is 8GB which can be expanded using external SD card.

Samsung Z2 has 1GB RAM, so it provides enough memory for casual browsing or daily tasks, however this mobile phone is not suitable for heavy gamers or for people who do multi tasking.

The rear camera is 5 mega pixels which gives the above average picture clarity, but Samsung Z2 has low resolution camera for selfies, so it can’t be used to capture selfies.
The battery of the set 1500 mAh which means that one can use the set for a longer period of time.

It supports the features like the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, USB and of course 4G. No other set can provide you feature like that this set.

Last update was on: November 8, 2017, 11:54 am

The color of the set comes in various according to the style of the set.

With this Smartphone you can also use the high definition video recordings and share it in the social media sites to get likes.

This phone doesn’t have play store installed and you can’t install google playstore, so this phone is not for the people who is looking for smartphone which can install android apps.
  • The internal storage is 8 GB
  • Comes with the Quad Core processor
  • This set runs on the latest Tizen operating system, version 2.4
  • The camera quality is very high and also the set do not hangs
  • Low resolution selfie camera
  • Battery capacity is not good.



7.Best 4G Mobile Under 5000:- Micromax Spark

Micromax Company has been making a stride with the best smart phones in the affordable price. This smart phone is made for the Indian people, mainly the young ones.

In this Smartphone the teenagers will get their desired features like the 4.7 inches qHD screen, which should be good enough for most of the average mobile who is looking for best 4G mobile under 5000/-.4G_Mobile_phones_under_5000_Micromax_Spark

Apart from big screen, Micromax spark has screen which is guarded by the Corning Gorilla Glass 3, this is definitely welcome feature, which Micromax able to offer for such low price.

With corning gorilla glass 3, this mobile phone will not get hampered by accidental drop or any kind of collision.

Another most important feature of the smart phone is that, it comes with the MediaTek MT6582 1.3-Ghz Quad-core processor. With this chipsets young ones can browse the social sites at ease without facing any trouble.

The front camera is 2 mega pixels and the rear camera is 8 mega pixels with the autofocusing flash light technology. So it will let us to take selfies and also other photos even in the low light.

The battery of the set is 2000 mAh. From the morning till late night they can use the social networking sites with ease and also the phone will run in a smooth way.

This power back up battery system will also help in keeping the phone cool after using for long periods. The operating system is Android Lollipop which is the best in the market. Also this phone has the system provision of dual sim.

Last update was on: November 8, 2017, 11:54 am

Which dual SIM, we can do calls on one SIM and use other SIM for mobile broadband connection to do the internet surfing.

  • Price is affordable
  • The battery life is decent
  • Good design.
  • Good processor and chipset
  • The display screen is not so good
  • Performance is bad


8. Best 4G Mobile Under 5000:- Intex Cloud 4G Smart2

If you are looking for an affordable but Smartphone with good camera, then you can opt for latest Intex Cloud 4G Smart2 Smartphone.

4G_Mobile_phones_under_5000_Intex_Cloud_treadWith good camera and excellent display, it is one of the best 4G mobile under 5000/- available in the Indian mobile phone market.

Intex cloud 4G smart2 phone has a 5.5-inch IPS capacitive touch screen display that has good color retention with 269 ppi pixel density, so display is bright and crisp.

Even the touchscreen of this smarphone is excellent and display is very good in the sense of viewing HD videos though this is not an HD display.

With resolution of the screen is 480 pixels by 900 pixels Intex cloud 4G is best to watch HD media.

One of the phenomenal talking points of this device is its 4G connectivity. In recent years, the Indian market is full of companies who are selling 4G plans to attract customers.

This has resulted in greater sales of this Smartphone. It is a commonly observed fact that people want a network in their phones which would be speedy and would be accessible in any location of India.
The Intex Cloud 4G Smart2 meets the expectation of the people in this aspect.

How does the Intex Cloud 4G Smart2 stake up against the competition?

Last update was on: November 8, 2017, 11:54 am

This Smartphone is powered by a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor which can handle 4G calls with ease.

On the other hand, this phone packs 1 GB of RAM and also has 8 GB of internal storage. To facilitate further storage options, the external memory of the phone can be extended to 32 GB which is quite good.

Call quality on this phone is superb, so one can enjoy super fast 4G Internet too.

It has a five-megapixel rear camera and a two-megapixel front camera that can take good selfies.

Quite interestingly, this device comes with a 2000 MAH battery that can last up to a day depending on the usage pattern of the customer. It supports dual SIM and runs on Android 5.1.

  • It provides excellent call quality on 4G connectivity.
  • It has an expandable storage option.
  • It has an array of sensors.
  • It has a sturdy design.
  • It does not have a good battery life.
  • The camera quality is poor.

9.Best 4G Mobile Under 5000:- Intex Aqua Zenith

Another Smartphone from the prestigious home of Intex, the Intex Aqua Zenith has all features in itself that can indeed appeal to the likes of the Indian customers.4G_Mobile_phones_under_5000_Intex_Aqua_Zenith

Another amazing thing about this phone is that the way in which Intex has kept its price low despite equipping with all the modern features.

With the race to own a 4G Smartphone enjoying rising attention, this phone can surely turn heads around.

It is available well below 5000 rupees and is one of the most affordable phones in the Indian market. Many also term it as a budget friendly phone that can surely capture the attention of many customers.

It has a prominent front camera that can aid in taking low light pictures. Besides being affordable, it provides good battery backup which the Indian customers would enjoy for sure.

How does the Intex Aqua Zenith stake up against the competition?

The Intex Aqua Zenith is designed for those Indian customers who want to buy a 4G handset with great features. It has a 5 inch IPS LCD that sports a screen resolution of 480 pixels by 900 pixels.

Though this screen is not a full HD display, it is quite good in projecting good quality pictures.

It is powered by a quad-core Cortex processor which can handle most apps with ease. Moreover, the additional 1 GB RAM is quite good in receiving 4G calls and surfing the net with 4G data.

Last update was on: November 8, 2017, 11:54 am

On the other hand, this phone runs on Android 7.0 Nougat which is quite good looking at its price point. The phone has a 5 MP shooter that stays in the back of the phone and has a 2 MP front shooter for taking selfies.

The picture quality is average as the camera does not have a significant resolution. The Smartphone has 8 GB of internal storage, and its storage can be further extended into 128 GB via the use of an SD card. Moreover, it has a 2000 MAH battery that can provide good backup on moderate usage.

  • Runs on Android 7.0.
  • Good call quality on 4G connection.
  • Affordable and pocket-friendly.
  • Good processor.
  • No glass protection.
  • Cannot handle heavy games.

10.Best 4G Mobile Under 5000:- Videocon Graphite1 V45ED

4G_Mobile_phones_under_5000_Videocon_Graphite1_V45EDVideocon has been in and around in the Indian electronics market for a long period of time and is well-known as the manufacturers of the major electric appliances.

Now, they also entered into the Indian Smartphone market and creating a buzz with their latest affordable 4G Smartphones.

Videocon graphite 1 has a TFT capacitive touchscreen that has a resolution of 480 pixels by 854 pixels.

The pixel density is 218 pixels per inch of the screen. It is one of those Smartphones that is powered by a Mediatek processor.

If an Indian customer is looking for buying an affordable Smartphone, then this phone is the ideal one.

Quite interestingly, Videocon has also included the option of 4G calling and 4G internets in this phone.

This is why this phone can emerge as the game changer in the Indian market. It also has a graphics processor in case the Indian user wants to opt for gaming capability in their 4G mobile under 5000- smartphone.

This device runs on Android 6.0 which is quite phenomenal looking at its price point that is well under 5000 rupees.

Last update was on: November 8, 2017, 11:54 am

The phone has a 5 MP rear camera that can take average quality pictures. On the other hand, the first shooter has a resolution of 3.2 MP and can take decent selfies.

The process of video recording is also provided in this Smartphone which is a boon for many Indian customers. It packs a 2200 MAH battery that can last up to a day in moderate usage conditions. The storage of this device can be expanded too with a SD card.

  • Good display.
  • Efficient processor.
  • Nice body ergonomics.
  • Is durable and affordable.
  • Bad battery life.
  • RAM is not sufficient for this device.

Looking to buy these mobile phones? we created list of the mobiles with prices so that you can easily buy from Amazon.


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